April 11, 2013

Sometimes I blog

Alright.... pretty much I never post anymore but.... oh well. :)

Some pretty big things have been happening around these parts.  Do you want a glimpse into my awesome life?! Sweet, I'd love to share!

This guy came home. 

It's been kind of a BIG DEAL.  If I said that we were ready for him at the airport with a huge poster and balloons and a million people to greet him then I'd be lying.  We ATTEMPTED to make that happen, but realized (20 minutes late) that we were in the wrong terminal.  It's a weird thing to think that Jordan would be coming in through the International terminal.... (face --> palm) Until we got there, Jordan's travel missionary buddy's family stayed with him and tried to act like it was totally fine that his family forgot about him.  Such sweet people.  To make matters worse, before he arrived, while we were waiting at the airport I started bawling my eyes out when two sister missionaries came home and were hugging their families.  Did I cry when I saw Jordan?  Nope. Apparently shock and mad rushing wipes the emotions right out of you!  I sure was excited to see him though. :) I LOVE having him home, our family is complete again!
We DID make a sign at least!
Jordan's first request after we finally left the airport (without one of his bags...stupid bag decided it wanted to go to LA instead), Jordan's first request was a Baconater from Wendy's.   After his arteries were sufficiently clogged we headed home and to get him set apart.

Since Jordan's been home it's just been a non-stop party (can't stop, won't stop).  We've:

  • learned a lot more about Albania
  • eaten out a ton to make sure Jordan remembers what good American food tastes like
  • seen a bunch of family/friends at his homecoming
    • even a surprise visit from Little Miss Syd!! woohoo! (Love you!)
  • pulled out the old Nintendo 64 and played some Mario Tennis, Super Smash Bros, Diddy Kong Racing, Mario Party and Banjo Kazooie
  • successfully recovered all of his mission pictures when we thought they were all wiped from his jump drives whew!
  • successfully recovered his P90X video files that he was probably equally worried about losing with his pictures haha 
  • celebrated Jordan and my dad's birthday
  • and made a list of all the movies Jordan missed out on (we started him off with watching the last Bourne movie!)
I'm so happy to have one of my best friends back.  He's such a stud! If any of you 19-20 year old ladies are single and looking to mingle, let me know and I'll hook you up.  (Oh wait,  you all went on missions....) ;)