April 28, 2010

Tomorrow, Is Only A Day Away...

Tomorrow is the big day. The day that I get to be the board game while Dr. Wallentine plays operation. (No buzzing please....) After I got off the phone with Laura from the Surgical Center, somehow little butterflies entered into my stomach and decided they wanted to stay. I need to figure out how to lure those guys outta there.... Oh yeah, I am to be reporting for duty tomorrow morning at 5am! Wholee canoli!! (I realize it's spelled wrong, but I find joy in spelling it this way!)
I'm just hoping that Dr. Wallentine gets a good nights sleep tonight.

I was given a checklist of things to do before I come in for surgery tomorrow. See below, if you feel so inclined:

  • Shower
  • No Jewelry
  • No Make up
  • No Nail Polish ..... uh really? Ah I get it, my hot pink fingernails are going to be a bit distracting during surgery. Okay, we can move to the next..
  • Don't eat after midnight

Interesting checklist. Well hammie and I had a serious talk today. I told her she needs to be strong, fix that ACL, hold on tight and never let go. Dr. Wallentine will fix it up real nice and we'll be good! She has an important job, transforming from a hamstring to a structural basis for my body to revascularize it into an ACL, quite a talented little one I have in me.

So until next time, when I post while on Loratab (who knows what will happen there) , I'll be compiling my couch to do list, some crossword puzzles and sudoku books, maybe a coloring book, and the second season of the BIG BANG THEORY tv show. I'm in for an awesome weekend. :)

April 23, 2010

I vow to never eat at a buffett or drive an Audi again. The previous statement is probably false.

Alright here's a few:

Karlie, Katie and I were looking for a place to get some grub (food that is) one evening this week. We figured, "Why don't we try some place new?!" So we drove around for awhile, indecisiveness getting the best of us. Finally we ended up at a place we had never been before! We were feeling adventurous and decided Mexican is always good! Well from the first moment I set foot in the building I knew we were not about to eat Mexican food--it doesn't smell like...whatever this smelled like. The person that stands at the little podium with the menus (whatever they are called) greeted us and said, "Welcome, please wait to be seated, we'll be right with you." At least that's what I'd like to think he said. None of us were able to understand a word he said besides cramping.....or was it crabbing? The warm fuzzy feelings of uncomfort, queasiness and food poisoning already setting in. We were then seated in a nice booth. No menus were given, no guidance, BUT water was given. Phew. We looked around, hoping there would be a sign saying, "Dig in!" or "Pick up a plate, eat until you puke and then pay us for it later!" Something to tell us what the protocol was at this restaurant! Despite much pleading, gagging signs, and almost pretend tears (couldn't quite figure out how to turn on the water works) Karlie made the executive decision that we were going to stay and eat the food. "It's an experience!" She said, while I thought So is food poisoning... Alright I wasn't THAT grumpy, but just a little uncomfortable. She joked, "Hey at least it's something you can blog about!"
That girl is just too smart for her own good...

So we ate the food, some of it turned out to be pretty great! (Fried donuts aka....donuts, dinner rolls and the self serve ice cream!) In the end it was an adventure like she said; I haven't gotten food poisoning, and I'm glad Karlie was too embarrassed to leave. I'm also grateful to be a student. That $0.20 discount really made my bank account happy! Thanks UVU!
Second experience:
Yesterday I went to a Prelitigation Hearing on a case that we have. This is just like a little get together with the plaintiffs (our clients and the attorney) a few panel members (made up of a doctor, lay person, and a hospital administrator) and with the defendants with their attorneys. Basically you just show what the case is and the panel decides if it is meritorious or non meritorious. Personally, I think it is a waste of time, but it was interesting nonetheless! So after the hearing, Brad Parker (one of the attorneys I work for) said that he was running late for lunch, and would need me to drive his car back to the office. The Audi?! umm did we just become best friends? So I was feeling great driving the beautiful car back to work, nodding at the jealous looks I got as I passed cars on the freeway. I parked the car and was about to get out when I realized that I couldn't figure out how to get the key out.... It was just pushed into this little slot and you pushed the key in to start or stop the car. Well that was freaking awesome by itself, but not so great when I'm trying to get out of the car! I pushed it on and off, on and off and then finally thought, "I can't believe I'm going to have to call Brad to ask how to get the key out of the ignition." I did, he chuckled, then proceeded to tell me that it should just pop out! I tried again, and after awhile, Brad just said, "It's alright just leave it in the car, I'll grab it when I come back to the office."
Wow I am really not fit to drive an Audi. Oh well, I'll stick with my Mazda. :)

April 20, 2010

A Starbucks I Can Relate To!

Today I didn't bring a lunch to work (We REALLY need to go grocery shopping.... we are living on string cheese, captain crunch, and chocolate milk right now. :) My Mom would be so proud!) so I decided to go to SUBWAY for lunch!!
I love Subway, and today I finally discovered why they are so successful. Brace yourself for this stroke of genius...
Subway is like a mormonized Starbucks! You have all these choices that you spout off really quickly which results in a product that is specifically tailored to you! Each person has their own way that they like their Subway sandwich to be: Toasted, Pepper Jack Cheese, Extra Lettuce, Cut in 4ths, etc. Every time I go I get the exact same thing. Sometimes I will mix things up and go for the Italian Herbs and Cheeses bread only if I'm feeling a bit adventurous but I generally get the exact same sandwich every time. I feel like Subway and I have a deal each time I walk in.
"Okay, I'll give you some money and you make that sandwich just how I like."
Fair bargain right? I'm not saying that Starbucks is bad by any means, especially if you're a mormon; they make a mean vanilla hot chocolate! All I'm saying, is that from my knowledge of Starbucks (credit given to the movie You've Got Mail: "Tall, decaf, cappuccino") and my love of Subway, their tactics are interestingly similar....
I leave you with this thought to judge how you see fit. Have a wonderful day! :)

April 18, 2010

Ah the Smell of Summer.... or Bonfire Smoke! (Equally sweet)

I know that summer is coming when there are at least 4 bonfires happening in a given weekend. I Love bonfires. Call me juvenile, but I love just watching the fire and meeting new people. The only part I don't like is that my clothes don't want to leave the bonfire behind. I have also found my new favorite spot. Utah Lake. Yes the lake itself may not be the best thing ever, but having a campfire by the lake makes me feel like I'm on the beach. The sound of the waves coming in combined with the crackling of the fire = bliss. One day it will be warm enough and I'll get up enough courage to get in the water.... maybe.
I can't wait to see what the next bonfire holds! Happy almost Summer!

April 14, 2010

One of these things is not like the other....

Earlier today I was leaving my apartment and walking toward my car to head to Institute. I remembered where I had parked so I walked straight there. I make a point to state this because in our parking lot at Wolverine Crossing it is almost impossible to remember where you park. I wonder if other people have that same problem or if I am just making a generalization.... Anyways, so as I was walking to my car I hit the unlock button on my clicker. My clicker had been slowly dying on me so I wasn't surprised when nothing happened to my car ahead of me. I hit it a few more times. Nothing happened to the red car I was walking towards. I did it about 4 more times and then looked up to analyze the car. All of the puzzle pieces where present and accounted for. Hmm. I tested the clicker one more time and then noticed out of the corner of my eye, a light flashing to my left. I looked up and there was a red Mazda 3 just like mine! I thought, "What a crazy coincidence! They are coming out at the same time that I am!" I turned back to stare at my car, hit the clicker, and the light flashed again to my left.
I walked to MY car, it opened expectantly and I drove away.
---I'm thinking that going to bed early tonight might be beneficial to my mental health.---

April 13, 2010

"I Wish I Could Cross My Arms, And Cross Your Mind"

Ashley and I went to the OWL CITY concert last night!!!!!! It was so amazing!!!! He is.. crazy... haha he was just dancing up there on stage, swinging his arms around, being swept up in the music! haha I loved every second of it! I was a little curious to see how his concert would turn out since he uses the synthesizer so much, but it was great! He actually turned most of his songs into a bunch of rock (?) songs I guess you could say. They certainly weren't mellow that's for sure! As we were waiting for Owl City to get set up everyone was pressing forward trying to get to the front. Ashley and I were pushed up almost 5 feet! It worked out great for us....not so great for the girls screaming behind us. Crocodile tears streamed down their faces as they chose their words delicately to combat the pushing. "Stop bleeping shoving!!" (bleep provided as a courtesy) Claustrophobic maybe? Whatever it was, I don't know what else they were expecting. It's a concert! Being shoved up against all the sweaty people around you is included in the price when you press purchase now on Smithstix. This concert also takes the first prize for the best encore screaming/chanting at the end of the show. Everyone was screaming for an encore, and that's what we got! Good work guys.
Well in conclusion, it was AMAZING! I love concerts. I love music and I love my friend Ashley. What a good night!
P.S. If any of you can identify which owl city song the title of this post is..... you win! haha He has the best lyrics of any other artist I've seen!
Hint: Another line from the song! "I wish I broke Mirrors, Instead of Promises."

April 7, 2010


Oh the joy of riding in the elevators at UVU! The ride itself is pretty great, but mainly I just love meeting all the people I meet in an elevator ride. There is the lady that has another new water color painting each day, which therefore tests our ability to strategically fit each person in the elevator without getting too close to her wet painting. Thank you tetris. There are always a few people that are courteous enough to share their music with everyone else in the elevator. I love these people, and have found a few with some pretty good music! (plenty of 500 days of summer experiences) Recently, I have found that my favorite is when I get on the elevator at the 2nd floor traveling to the 3rd floor. Before, I felt stupid for having to take the elevator up one floor. Now, I find it entertaining that when the doors open on the second floor, most of the people get out (thinking it's the 3rd floor) and as the doors close, you see them realize that they got out at the wrong stop. Of course no one wants to look like an idiot and so they look around for a second, pull out their phone and walk in some direction as if that is where they were going all along. I don't blame them for getting out at the second floor on accident. Who would think that with only 3 floors in a building, that you would stop at the second? Those that stay in the elevator all have the same look when I get in at the second floor. Really? You couldn't have just taken the one flight of stairs? I usually just smile, whisper an apology with a little chuckle and carry on with my own business. This whole not being able to use the stairs thing has turned out to be a great addition to my day!
Oh how I am easily entertained. :)

April 6, 2010

I'll Let You In On A Little Secret...

Alright, the month of which we currently reside in is called the month of April. "Interesting," you say, "tell me more about this month of April." I will have you know, that April is the best month of the WHOLE ENTIRE year! Was that a little redundant? April showers bring May flowers, and who doesn't love that?! I personally love the April showers of SNOW that we are currently getting, but I wonder when I will get to use my cute polka dotted rain boots for some serious puddle jumping... Another topic for another day.

April has Easter, General Conference, my friend Zachary Benjamin Knowlton's birthday, the Owl City Concert, my ACL surgery and Finals!! Yay!! In addition to all this awesome stuff jam packed into one month, April is in fact the 4th month of the year... DOMINATION! Every time I write the date I get to see my favorite number. Not to mention on every letter I get, every grocery store receipt, every assignment I hand in, and every time I run my mouse over the time in the bottom right hand corner of my computer appears the glorious #4! How can this not put a smile on your face? It does to mine. I had a private celebration on Sunday because it was 4/4, the best day of the year. That day is special to me, and I think one year I'll get married on that day. Yes... I am that stubborn that it will probably happen too. Well, I'll leave it at that. The fantabulous month of April is among us, so don't waste it! Happy 4 month!

April 2, 2010

We Shot the Moon!

Wednesday, Katie and I went to the Velour in Provo for the We Shot the Moon concert!!!! Wow.... I am officially a concert junkie! I love everything about them. Excellent music, dancing around like an idiot but without a care in the world, all the different types of people you find there, and the connection between you and the singer as you both stare at each other while screaming the words to their beautifully crafted song; I love it all! Double or Nothing opened for them, and I was blown away! They were absolutely amazing. Katie and I may or may not have slightly awkwardly stalked them for a picture after the show. The creeper inside us succeeded over their better judgement. Victory!

I am however, glad that no one traces my singing back to me....

Ashley can recount what happened at Warped Tour when I tried to record Every Avenue during my favorite song that I had been practicing singing in the shower for the past week. Bad idea. For the most part at concerts I can scream at the top of my lungs and no one cares! A dream come true! Although during We Shot the Moon's Perfect Time, one guy did turn around when I was really belting it to give me a weird look. I met his suspicious gaze to identify the horrible voice and proceeded to look to the person to my right with the look that said, "I know right? Some people are so tone deaf." He gave me a head nod and turned back around. Phew.

Next concert: OWL CITY!! I cannot even wait! ....Maybe I'll consider being a groupie for a band one day. You know, a good, morally clean, groupie of course. I don't know if they would go for that type of groupie though. If only...

Oh! And we found a shopping cart in our elevator at our apt! Perfect end, to a perfect day! :)