October 28, 2010

Big Foot!!

I sighted the big hairy one today! As I was driving to work today, I heard a motorcycle approaching. I looked in my rear view mirror and did a double take. Big Foot was riding a Harley and swerving in and out of traffic! He zoomed past me and I couldn't help but let out a laugh despite my surprise. I sped up just a titch (only speeding just a little...) so that I could get a better look at him. I was able to snap a picture, and even though you can't see it very well, it's him! I have proof! Well Mr. Foot was stuck behind a few cars and so I ended up passing him. I thought to myself how odd that was as I continued driving the speed limit. At about the Belt Route exit on I-15 I looked to my left to see Big in the fast lane waving frantically at me. I offered him back an excited wave and laughed. To be honest, his face startled me. P.S. How can someone ride a motorcycle with a huge plastic mask?? After waving he made a gesture that suggested that I "call him." I gave him the thumbs up and he sped off. Aaahh not only did I see Big Foot, but was given an open invitation to reach him telephonically! I laughed to myself and thought, "I'm grateful that people like that are given to us. We are always in need for entertainment to break up the monotony of life and to put a big smile on our faces." Thank you Big Foot. You were a blessing to all of us on I-15. Today is going to be a good day.

October 27, 2010


The first snow has fallen, and the world looks like Christmas from my window. :) Today is going to be a great day.
Thermals: Check
Red Peacoat: Check
Long Soccer Socks: Check
Boots: Check
Hot Chocolate: Check
Cheerful Mood and Smile on Face: Innevitable

Sure Fall was great, and technically it is still Fall, but Winter has made its mark. I decided I like my seasons to be assertive and consuming. Go Winter! Especially in Utah, it could snow any day of the year. This is Winter's way of saying, "Don't you forget about me. Sure you can go have fun on the beach, but you just wait. I've got some good stuff planned for this year." I won't ever forget. Snow Men, Sipping Hot Chocolate while reading a book, CHRISTMAS, Thermals, Scarfs, Coats, Sleigh Rides, Winter Wonderland, Sledding, Snowboarding? The list could go on and on!
Yes, some of you may not like the snow very much. Maybe you don't like that you have to scrape your windows before you leave each morning, or that the bottom of your pants usually get soaked and never seem to dry. I only have a few words of advise to you sad people. Love the snow! Embrace the snow! Bend down, grab a handful of that fluffy white stuff and shove it in someone's face. Or eat it, which ever you prefer. It is what it is, and you've got to deal with it somehow so you might as well love every second of it. Tell yourself that you love that you have to shovel the snow at awful temperatures with nosesicles and frostbitten fingers and then plaster a frozen smile on your face. Fake it until you make it. Soon, you'll be just as excited about Winter as I am. Oh yeah, it's possible.

October 22, 2010

A Little Octobering

Yesterday Spencer, Kaylyn and I carved pumpkins!! You can't go through October and the Halloween holiday without some crazy pumpkin carving, so we carved! My dreams for a pristine, beautifully spooky pumpkin carving were sent packing when Kaylyn insisted that we carve them freestyle, rather than from using a stencil. What?! Leaving something this important up to my creativity?! I won't lie, I'm an idea stealer. I may add a few variations to call it my own, but anything creative that I've done, has been done before.... Needless to say, this challenge was... well... a challenge. I tried to imagine carving cute little ghosts (those kept looking like bowling pins), a spooky haunted house (I could almost get the house part), or even frankenstein (aka lego man). Each one was a failed attempt and I was only drawing them out on a piece of paper. So..... I resorted to carving a face! Turns out the brainstorm wasn't storming very well and so we all ended up carving faces. Kaylyn was the one that started it all, so looks like she gets the credit for this one! Here they are:

I'd like to call it...... Jack O' Lantern

Kaylyn's pumpkin knocked my socks off! She carved the man from the Nightmare Before Christmas (or whatever it's called). She did a great job!! (wait... his name is Jack?)

And Spencer was so nice to make ours look good! ;) Jokes his turned out awesome too!
The knives definitely add a certain something.....

Sheesh I love that girl.

Clever Spencer... haha what a cool dude.

With this many pictures it looks like I just spoke 7 thousand words.... but in case you didn't pick up on it, we had a blast! Thanks October.
Oh! To go along with the Octobering, I got to work and found this little present from my beautiful mother.....

It was "yummy!" Thanks mom!! Isn't she so great?

October 21, 2010

Look Who's Legit!

Today has been a wonderful day, and I will tell you why it has been so wonderful. I just received my very own set of personalized business cards!! They are so beautiful and professional! I've provided you with a picture so that you too can enjoy the greatness of my now legitimate career.

You really thought I would post my information on the internet?!?! Got ya. :) Well this is a picture of the back of my business card thus proof that it has normal dimensions of a business card, and therefore is a legitimate business card. I'll let your imagination do the rest. I'm excited to be able to hand them out and say, "Here's my card, call me anytime if you have any questions or concerns." Wow I sound more professional already.

Second item of legit -ness is that I finally bought a gym pass today!! Wahoo!! I've always figured that I would keep active and in shape by doing sports or other activities and that I would never need a boring old gym pass. HOWEVER, I've always secretly wanted a gym pass. I can't wait to join in with the other sweaty people, participate in some intense exercise classes, and to acheive my goal of being fantastically fit! You can probably expect to see a few more posts with the phrase, "Oh yeah, I just got back from the gym." and know that my coolness level just increased by 4. DOMINATION! Now I've got to go find a cute gym outfit and buy some more make up.... ;)

October 18, 2010

Quick Glimpse

This may reveal to you how weird I am..... but oh well. I love eating peanuts. Don't worry, it gets weirder. The reason why I love eating peanuts is because when you chew them up real good (haha) it tastes like peanut butter! Now I know that this is no longstanding life mystery as to why crushed peanuts taste like peanut butter, but it still fascinates me. It's not like you can eat a grape, suck out all the juice and it will taste like a raisin! thank heavens Nor can you eat corn tortilla chips and taste corn on the cob. Thus, the resounding conclusion is that the correlation between peanuts and peanut butter is like a sibling relationship. None of this step brother twice removed stuff. Thank you to the peanuts and those who came up with peanut butter for keeping it o' nat-ur-al.

October 13, 2010


Yesterday was Kyle's Birthday!!!!!!! Oh what a splendid birthday it was for Kyle! Who is this Kyle person you ask?
I don't know.
When the reminder on my phone beeped "Kyle's Birthday!" I instantly sent my friend a text wishing him Happy Birthday. Although I did hesitate in doing so because he recently got married. (Awkward situation of are we still friends even though I am a member of the opposite sex and you are married?) I figured a nice little Happy Birthday text wouldn't do too much harm so I proceeded forward. Well it turns out that it wasn't my friend Kyle's birthday, but he welcomed the mistake as an excuse to catch up. Not my intention, but hey it made me look less retarded. So to you..... Kyle..... Happy Birthday yesterday. I don't know who you are, but I apologize for making you think that I missed your birthday. I even consulted with facebook to try and figure it out and got nothing... Epic Fail.
From now on, I will no longer be on a first name basis. That last name will be permenentaly stuck right behind it. Don't be weirded out if I decide to use your full name when I talk to you in person either. Besides, full names are fun to say. Especially if you have a very sophistocated name.
"Don't they know you are suppose to have a last name?
It's like an entire generation of cocktail waitresses."
You've Got Mail

October 12, 2010


"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and
it is better to be absolutely ridiculous
than absolutely boring."
~Marilyn Monroe

October 10, 2010


What a fabulous day!! If you haven't noticed the date of today is 10-10-10. If Karlie was as obsessed with her favorite number as I am with mine, she'd be having a big celebration today! No matter, I'll have a nice little blog celebration for her. :) Besides figuring out three different things that I can do each 10 times in a row, I had a fantastic Sunday! Today was fast Sunday which has come to be my favorite Sunday of the month. This has not always been the case, quite the opposite in fact. I loathed fast Sunday. Jordan, Parker and I would sneak fruit snacks in our pockets to church for the times that we were too hungry to think straight. We just wanted to save our grumbling stomachs from being a distraction to others right? We were so courteous, even at a young age... Now, my focus for fast Sunday has changed from the lack of food in my tummy, to being more sensitive to the spirit. It's weird how we grow up huh? Who knew... Today the spirit was so strong through every person that got up to share their testimony. I'm grateful that I was able to be in that sacrament meeting and for those that were there with me. I believe that we are all put where we are at for a reason. Our choices have gotten us there, but the people around us have been divinely placed in our lives. I hope that we all stop and think of 10 things that we are grateful for in our lives today.
Here is my list:

1] The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, My Heavenly Father and Savior
2] Family
3] Friends
4] Trials
5] Perspective
6] Vans shoes
7] The life that I have to live, laugh at and love
8] The movie "UP"
9] Nature: making pictures beautiful
10] Seasons

Also, just for the fact that this is a cool day, I'll show you a cool picture that my brother sent me. He's a pretty cool dude himself :)

Look carefully.. it's a bit deceiving. :)

October 8, 2010

Gene Kelly Says, "Good Mornin'!"

Listen to this song and smile. This is what I wake up to each morning. :) haha I was searching for a good alarm sound and thought, what gets you out of bed like good ol' Gene Kelly?! You would think that I would get sick of that song playing every morning, especially when it means I have to get out of my nice warm bed but in fact I grow to love it even more each day! This song's tune is extremely contagious so I subconsciously whistle it in the shower and as I get ready in the morning. It definitely starts my day off right!
Although..... I have to admit something.....
I've never seen Singing in the Rain
all the way through...

I've seen parts, but I've never sat down and watched it! I know, I know, I can feel your disbelief and anger and I definitely have those same feelings towards myself. So, to make things right in this world again, watching Singing in the Rain has made it on to my bucket list! Any of you are welcome to watch it with me if you'd like!
Speaking of rain... I LOVE RAIN! What I love even more than rain is snow; but I can be patient.... hopefully. Just like my good friend said it best in here, I can't wait to go puddle jumping in my rain boots! They are cute and polka dotted and all rain boot-ie :) Thank you Target! I also love the rain for how it intensifies all the colors around. All the grass looks nice and plush, yup the word plush just happened even though the sky is a tad more grey the clouds are still magnificent, and my lovely car looks extra fantastic ;) You can't forget how great rain smells though.... That is another favorite. Can you have too many favorites??
P.S. don't mind the subtitles in who knows what language that is on the bottom of the youtube video.... weird?! haha

October 2, 2010

Ice Anyone? Apparently I've Got Some To Spare...

Why is it that every time I buy a drink with my meal at any restraunt I go to fill the cup with ice and without fail I do the following: Fill the cup up with ice, look in the cup and ponder whether or not I have enough ice. I decide I need some more ice then once I have filled my cup up I realize I don't want that much. So I dump out some ice and proceed to filling my cup with liquid. To be honest, I probably have the same amount of ice in my cup at the end, as I did when I decided I needed more. I go through this habit every single time... WHY?? Apparently I'm an intentional ice waster. Looks like someone needs to go green and repent of her ways.