September 13, 2013

Adventure Is Out There

"When ye are in the service of your fellow beings
ye are only in the service of your God."
Mosiah 2:17

Work has been crazy busy as one co-worker is out on maternity leave and will continue to be busy throughout the rest of the year with what our cases have in store for us and with another leaving on maternity leave. there is something in the water up here... ;)  Yesterday I decided I would plan a vacation for sometime in the Spring or Summer next year after all of this craziness settles down. This vacation would be something to look forward to, keep me motivated, plus it will be to celebrate my 5 year mark of working here!  So, I starting thinking about Greece.... Italy.... Spain.... London..... Hawaii... and quickly realized my limitations as I would be traveling by myself.  I could try to come up with people to come with me, but the only person I could count on to make this trip happen was myself.  Then I realized that I have a great opportunity to still see the world, but for a different purpose; to go on a service/humanitarian trip.  

I have always wanted to go on one of these to give back, to embrace and learn about a new culture, to better understand life outside of this Utah bubble and ultimately to serve where I am needed.  I am in an interesting spot in my life, but one that is ideal for a trip like this one.  I don't want to pass up this opportunity just because I'm scared out of my mind to do it alone.  This is bigger than me.  I can get over myself and dedicate some time to someone or a group of people who need the help I am able to give.  It would be a lot easier if I were a nurse or had something I could offer, but oh well, my time is still something right??      

The next question is: Now what? 

I've found websites that match people up with organizations and basically provide the link to exactly what I'm looking for.  Some of these websites are VolunteerForever, VolunteerMatch, and then you can find Humanitarian trips for LDS singles... nice. hahaha  One thing I know for sure is that I want to go with a big company/organization that has "been there done that" many times so to reduce the risk of getting into a bad situation or being scammed.  

So..... if anyone knows of any good opportunities coming up for the early part of next year, or any reputable organizations you've had experiences with then let me know!  Also, if anyone wants to join me, please do!  Once I figure out where I want to go it'll be easier to try and recruit friends, but for now I will be spending all my time researching the world and all it has to offer.   :]

September 10, 2013

Pinterest, you get me.

Pinterest, you've done it again. 


Oh man this happens far more than I'd like to admit.... haha so funny

September 5, 2013

Can't Get Enough

I am OBSESSED with these songs.  Seriously, this first one is on repeat all day long.  I'm pretty sure I'm single-handedly giving her a million views on YouTube.  Check them out, you won't regret it.

And this lovely video makes me so happy. I love Sara Bareilles!