July 31, 2013


This week I went from sleeping on this....

tooooooo.......... this!

queen domination.
Shout out to #mattressfirm for letting me take a nap on each of your beds, giving me a great deal, delivering this massive thing and for leaving free thank you mints!

If you're looking for a mattress, go to the Mattress Firm! They were really helpful and they even donate to make a wish foundation!  They are a few hundred dollars off of sponsoring their own kid!

Next up I need to take pictures of the completed bed set up.  I've just gotta find one more pillow and I'm done!!  This whole decorating part is way more fun than the unpacking and moving part!

P.S. I can't even say that sleeping on that air mattress was terrible, because boy have air mattresses come a long way! This air mattress was 400 million times better than the actual bed I was sleeping in at my last apartment.  Plus it has a built in pump! Air Mattress Domination.


July 17, 2013

Who's this Hailey character??

Too much fun with #bathroomselfies

I am....a Mormon!
I want....to one day make it to Italy and/or Spain.
I have....the 3 best friends anyone could ask for. #kkahforever
I wish....I lived closer to a beach.
I hate....disappointing people and being disappointed. (expectations are the worst)
I fear....being alone.
I search....for new music and opportunities to meet new people.
I wonder....if I will ever be able to follow through with my new years resolutions.
I regret....always being a workaholic and going straight into my career instead of being a normal college student.
I ache....after going to the gym. duh.
I always....need an organized To Do list.
I usually....let my gas tank run on empty for a little too long.
I am not....good at lying. at all.
I am grateful....for my awesome brothers and their humor.
I dance....like a wanna be Jabbawockeez/drill team/80's dancer.
I sing....at the top of my lungs despite being tone deaf. #sorrynotsorry
I never....turn down ice cream.
I love....crazy bright colors, sarcasm & wit, obsessing over a word, movie, song, number, color, etc., clearance racks, goldendoodles, hashtags and being outside.
I like....looking back and realizing the blessing that brought me to where I'm at today.
I sometimes....hate social media.
I miss....having a summer vacation.  Not just a one week thing but the whole summer.
I cry....like any other woman with unpredictable hormones- in most movies/commercials.
I am not always....good at managing my time.
I admit....that I can be stubborn and too independent.
I lose....everything. (Although, I'd rather classify it as being an expert in misplacing things.)
I am confused....when people complain about something but have no intent to do anything about it.
I need....to quit worrying about EVERYTHING.
I should....floss.
I hope....to one day be a Martha Stewart mom/wife.
I....smile, laugh and live.

Found this from this lady and decided to join in!  Repost it on your blog with your own answers and give me a link so I can check it out!!