July 14, 2011


Recently, Kaylyn and I have been on a curl kick.  We've been looking up new ways to curl your hair without ever using a curling iron, and we have found some great ideas! 

Side note: For some reason,
most of these genius ideas come from women with thick accents
 who like to ramble on and on about hair product.
That was an odd consistency I wasn't prepared for. 

Last night Kaylyn and I both tried a new style (I tried the Headband one and Kaylyn tried the Sock bun) and mine actually worked!  I left before I could see Kaylyn's, but I'm expecting a good report!  Here are diagrams for both... prepare to be amazed.

 Headband curls:

This video is super long, but it taught me!

Sock bun curls:

Now introducing my newest obsession!  I want these so bad but I'm hesitant to spend this much on them.  I'm a cheap skate I know....  but look how cool they are!  I saw a lady with them and her hair looked soooo great!  They are called Curl Formers, check out the video if you so desire.

And the results?!

So there you go.  If you're ever tired of taking a year and a day to curl your hair, try these out!  Just a heads up: when you do the headband one you have a very good possibility of looking crazy.  I looked like a combination of Hayley Mills in the old parent trap...

and a boy with "wings."  Probably should have done it after Todd left and everyone went to bed.... oh well. ;)

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