June 30, 2010

Who Knew That "Cheap" Relates to Price AND Quality....?

WalMart Special!
A beautiful Mountain Bike for only $99.97!
I happen to be cheap. You know, the bargain shopper type. On Monday, my parents and I looked at some new bikes for my only outlet for exercise. We went to a bike shop to look around and to get an idea at what my wallet was up against. Holy freaking canoli! Those things are butt expensive! For those prices, I could have easily bought a crappy car to last me for eternity, or bought a bike. Well we looked, and then left; my hopes of a new bike, all my own, left at the welcome mat as well. On our way home, I convinced my mom that we should stop at WalMart to take a quick peek. We peeked, and then investigated, and we even tested some bikes out! (Until the grumpy old man told us we couldn't ride the bikes in the store. Mom piped in, "How are we suppose to buy a bike without riding it first?") My mom is so great.
It was love at first sight. The first bike I looked at ended up at the cash register. I had to get all the proper gear and accessories if I was to have my own bike, so my mom forced a helmet on me, I found a super cool license plate with my name on it (correctly spelled for once), but decided against the padded pants for now. After making the purchase, we walked my bike and our groceries to the car. Uh, Oh. Oh man, mom drove the Mustang.... How are we going to get this stinkin thing in there? As we sat there contemplating our options, many people looked at us with various expressions on their faces like: "Women....", "Should have thought that one through huh?", "I am tempted to fiddle with my keys a bit longer so I can see how these two attempt to stuff that bike in there." etc. Nevertheless, we successfully stuffed it in the back seat and drove home with the top down. :) I got home, excited to ride my new prized posession. I didn't get more than halfway down my street before the peddles would skip and throw my foot off, drastically jerking me to the side and back. I made it to Kaylyn's house where her dad Ryan tampered with it, but with no success. How can something so beautiful be so crappy? But, I guess it's true, pretty faces sometimes have crappy personalities behind them. Figures I should have known. So now, Sammie is being returned, and the hunt is on yet again for a bike. I've learned my lesson about WalMart specials, but I don't have any hard feelings towards WalMart. They can still supply me with everything else I want and need, just not bikes.

June 28, 2010

"Sitting, Waiting, Wishing....."

Alright... I just sold my contract (FINALLY) and for some reason my mind won't quit thinking about finding a place to live for the fall. You'd think I'd be able to handle at least a week of no stress, some unpredictability and a hint of flying by the seat of my pants, but nope. I've already found the place of my dreams. Of course I realize this now, but when I went to go look at the place on Saturday I felt a lot of crazy emotions that I surely wasn't expecting. It started with the fact that no one would be able to accompany me in my meeting with my future landlord. I parked my car, arriving 5 minutes before I was suppose to meet Shirley. (Don't worry, I don't know her last name, we are working on a You've Got Mail "don't you know you're suppose to have a last name? It's like they are a whole generation of cocktail waitresses" basis.) Walking through the complex I had no idea where to go besides that it was #311. Alright, so 3rd floor...? It didn't help that in the center of the complex is the pool, with people swimming in the pool. Great, people in the pool!? What could be more unexpected. I pressed forward acting as if I was a regular and knew exactly where I was going. False. Don't worry, I happen to pick the wrong building and was stuck pressed behind the wall, wondering how I can jet across to the other side of the complex without the people in the pool knowing that I was completely lost. Bullets falling from my brow....because it was a gazillion degrees outside....I examined my options. 1] Stay here and wait for Shirley to call to direct me, meaning that I can be on the phone while I cross the pool. 2] Walk past the pool, strike up a conversation with the extremely good looking set of abs in the pool about how "lost" I am. Nope, too much pride. 3] Suck it up. Walk across and risk having to walk back if that building isn't right either. 4] Sit and cry, hoping that my mother could hear me from Salt Lake. Unfortunately, highly unlikely. Well as I was feeling pretty pathetic, rolling these options around in my head, #1 was selected for me as Shirley called. Lucky me! I happen to be in the right building, just needed to turn the corner. I sighed with relief and accompanied that with a silent prayer of thanks. The condo was beautiful.... Everything looked great, all decorated, furnished, and absolutely magnificent. One minor problem. I'm scared. This is a grown up place. I have to worry about paying gas and electricity on my own. It's a bit pricey, and I won't know anyone there. I've never done something this big by myself before. Jenna Rae Rallston said she might move in, cross your fingers but I don't know how promising that is at this point. Part of it is exciting that I can start fresh and new on my own, but it's not as exciting when I'm celebrating in my head instead of with my blonde friend next to me. Luckily I'm not even going to be on my own completely, Kaylyn is just a block down the street which is another reason why this place is so enticing. I could walk over to her place, or her to mine, anytime we wanted! (I can't wait for a year of fun Kay!)

Really, I have nothing to fear but rather everything to be excited for. Now that I have talked to my Mom and Dad and every one of my friends, I don't think I'll ever be able to make a decision on my own. I'm getting more and more obsessed with the idea of living there. The only problem is that now I have to wait to see if I can get the place. Waiting?? Ugh. It only took me a day and a half to be completely devoted to this place! So that's where I'm wait, listening to Jack Johnson as he and I are just "sitting, waiting, wishing...."

"The important thing is this:

To at any moment be able to sacrifice what we are, for what we could become."

-Charles Du Bos

June 23, 2010

"You Make Me Happy, Whether You Know It Or Not"

I'm back!!!! (Replace I'm with We're and imagine me as a big orange dinosaur with my arms spread wide as I say this) (Again with the movie humor) Lately I have been in some sort of funk. I haven't realized it until I was looking at my blog and realized I've lost my funny bone. Somehow it has exited my body without my knowing and has been surgically replaced by the selfish bone. However, never fear, my good friend Ashley Stinocher has shaken the selfish straight outta my skin! WHEW! It also helped that today could easily fit under the DOMINATION category of awesome days. Feels good to use that word again. I'll give you the table to contents for June 23rd. Lunch filled with loads of sunshine and a good read, flowers from a client making it all worth it, Mount Timpanogos temple for baptisms after work with the magnificent Kaylyn Swanson, and a delightful marathon chat session with Stino. This day was Jampacktacular!

[My world is a crazy farm without this place in it.]
Time and time again I forget that I have to have this, but one special someone reminded me and helped me get there today. This temple is beautiful inside! I'm so grateful that I have the opportunity to visit as often as I'd like, and feel that wonderful spirit. I'd like to go to every temple someday, probably the day when we can teleport, because each temple is so different! Someday....

Ashes and I had a good talk tonight and one topic that stood out was that we discussed praying. We decided that praying more often, and getting real with The Big Man upstairs is like we are allowing Him to get to know us. The real me. Not the one that talks from a script (yes, my prayers are still relative to that of a 4 year olds) but the one that talks freely about wants, needs, upsets, happiness, confusion... ya know.. life. I say allowing because we talk about how we want to build a relationship with Him, but yet we don't let him in on what's really going on with us. I don't know, it's something to think about I guess. Don't worry, we didn't just talk about serious stuff...we fit in the important goods like gossip, drama, new heart throbs, dreams of going away to India & California as well. The staples to every decent conversation.

Now, I'm off to bed with a smile on my face and a feeling of freedom coursing throughout my veins.

P.S. 4 million points to whoever can name the title and artist of the song of this post's title. Happy sleeping! :)

June 22, 2010

Moment of Truth

I, like many people, have my phone "glued to my hand." Time and time again I get comments from my parents regarding my brain cells leaking from my head to the floor the more I stare at that screen.

ME: "Mom, what if there was a life threatening situation and you needed to get a hold of me?? I keep my phone with me at all times to make sure I'll always be in complete contact!"

MOM: "So why didn't you answer the phone when I called to tell you to come home?"

ME: Shoot.

I'm trying to get better at not being sucked into my phone. So I'm going to joke about it for a bit, then make a goal that I will be able to easily accomplish. That is, until a meet a cute boy. Fact: once or if this day comes a long, all goals of not texting all day long are flying out the window and drowning in a lake. :) Until then, freedom!

June 20, 2010

A New Rendition of Toby Keith's "I Love this Bar"

As of now, I will no longer be seen at Spanish Fork's Peak Physical Therapy. From now on I will be going to Peak's Draper clinic. When I said my goodbye's last thursday, I felt a combination of feelings. I love everyone at the Spanish Fork clinic, and I will miss them terribly! They have been with me and helped me through hard experiences these past 7 weeks. However, this means I'm getting better!! As I was driving home from therapy on Thursday the song "I Love This Bar" by Toby Keith came on. Now this may be a stretch, but while I was listening to it I replaced Bar with Physical Therapy.... and it worked perfectly! haha See below for what I mean.

We got cowboys; we got truckers;
Broken hearted fools and suckers.
An' we got husslers; we got fighters;
Early birds and all nighters.
And the veterans talk about their battle scars:
Mm, mm, mmm, mmm, mmm, I love physical therapy.

I love physical therapy.
It's my kind of place.
Just walk in through the front door,
Puts a big smile on my face.
It ain't too far; come as you are.
Mm, mm, mmm, mmm, mmm, I love physical therapy.

Now like I said... it's a bit of a stretch, but it definitely made me laugh at how much it relates to physical therapy! This probably won't be funny to most of you, so sorry if this post just adds to your list of reasons why you find me weird and mentally unstable... ;)

On a different note, this weekend has been great! Friday I attended the Strawberry Days for Pleasant Grove with Anisa Andrus, Kaylyn Swanson and Kara Knapp! We mainly went for the strawberries and cream, and I can tell you that they did not dissappoint! Pleasant Grove contains succulent and flavor bursting strawberries which they combine with cream made from the Gods. Plus I just love the atmosphere of carnivals/town festivals. Brings out the white trash in me I guess... which is definitely not a bad thing. Those things are stinkin' fun! Saturday morning I got to break free from the stationary, and got to ride a bike that moves!! It was exhilerating, and it has now become my new favorite hobby and obsession. Being out in the sun and using my body to power a bicycle is an intense sensation. Bring it on triathalon. bahahaha I'll just stick to riding around town. I just wanted to say that because it rhymes. Well have a good day, it's finally summer!!

June 14, 2010

Two Legs and Two Hands Do Come in Handy! Who Would Have Thought?!

Drum roll please....................... Presenting, the fully capable, unbelievably graceful and slightly more stable.... Power walker/driver Hailey Francis!!!! On Thursday June 10th I was able to go down to one crutch, and then went to Physical Therapy on Friday morning (June 11th, a good day :) ) . When I asked if I could discard the crutch for good, Jason said sure, get up and walk around! I knew I liked that guy! I have to say, taking that first step was something like what Magneto must have felt when he first started walking into the air, only to hope that he was in fact able to use his super powers to bring metal whizzing underneath his feet to keep him stable. Leap of faith... maybe? (X-men. In case you were wondering where my random thought came from this time) After that first step, a surge of confidence and energy rapidly spread through my body. I am WALKING!! I honestly had a hard time picturing that the day would come, but my beautiful knee came through and we're now working as a great team! He also gave me permission to drive, so Veronica and I can finally drive around together! I've missed her. Now the time comes to reflect on the things I have learned in the past 6 weeks.

1. Having two legs is absolutely great. Now that I can stand in the shower, my left butt cheek doesn't cramp up anymore! Also, I can put my pants on without sitting down first. Booya!

2. Having two hands is extremely useful. I can now carry items in my hands instead of finding creative places to stuff them....

3. Therapists and Doctors don't lie. For once, can we cut it out with all the honesty? They should tell you it's going to be 8 weeks and then surprise you with walking at 6 weeks. Where is the fun in truth? I'll put my hands up for the blissful state of denial!

4. Those with crutches are magnetically drawn to others with crutches. At the carnival, grocery store, in church, these people are everywhere! Somehow we always find each other. I think crutches are magically synced and gravitate together to form a bond of understanding and sympathy for their owners.

Despite my efforts to make jokes, I really did learn a lot the past 6 weeks. Mostly, I am just overwhelmed with all the things I am GRATEFUL for. I want to send a shout out to all those that have helped me, been kind, shared a few words of encouragement and who have stuck with me this past while. So.....

June 4, 2010

5 Weeks Down! One More to go!!

WARNING: The next few blog posts will be extremely self centered on my part and may not contain any exciting information. Mainly I just want to have record of a few things, and I'm completely self absorbed with the development of my knee right now... Sorry. I just wanted to warn you that future boredom is to be expected. :)

Now, I write to you the day after my 5 weeks mark!! Believe it or not, I have made it this far without any crutch induced injuries to myself or others, any extreme fits of frustration or any unexpected crutch burning parties! Now, only one more week until I can walk! I talked to my physical therapist Ed Budge at therapy yesterday morning about possibly walking sooner than next week. Starting out with my sweetest expression and sympathetic tone I asked how his day was and if he was in a great mood. Despite my efforts to seem genuinely interested in his day rather than my ulterior motive, he saw right through my attempt and asked what I wanted. Really? It was THAT obvious?! Well he didn't think I was ready to walk quite yet, but he did say that I should ask Dr. Wallentine on Monday if I can start walking and doing more exercises on Wednesday! A day early!! He started talking about all the new exercises I could do, and that I was going to hate him because he was going to push me really hard to get everything going since we had to wait the 6 weeks. I got so excited!! The thought of being sore, and being able to flex my quad and have something more than a twitching blob gross was exhilarating just to think about! I can't wait to hate him! :) An electrified sensation has sprung into my countenance, and it has left me with an overly large smile on my face, hope in my heart, and extreme annoyance to those around me! It's so great!! So everyone cross your fingers that I will be able to walk on Monday, and if not, that I will for sure be off crutches and walking/driving on Wednesday/Thursday!! On top of this great stuff, I was able to bend 140 degrees yesterday!! Normal is between 140 and 150, so I need to get a few more degrees, but I'm basically there! Now, I will leave you in peace, as well as with this awesome quote. Have a great day!

"Make it happen, watch it happen, or wonder what happened."

-Someone cool.