April 29, 2011

Muscle Men

The packing, loading, unloading, unpacking routine of moving has become quite tiresome the past week... However, the apartment is starting to look fantastic, and I am loving every second of living with Kaylyn! Soon Anisa and Tycee will move in and it will be a non stop PART-AY! Yesterday it came time to move the TV from my house to the apartment. No big deal right? NBD. Well any normal TV, or even a relatively bigger TV would have been do-able. Na, we like to super-size things around here. :) Remember the old wide screen TVs? Before they made the flat screens that you hang on a wall? Yeah these old ones they decided to make as big and bulky as possible, and as a bonus they weigh a bajillion pounds. Big selling point for more man points I guess? Anyways, my parents were getting rid of their old wide screen TV and mentioned that they might just take it to the DI. Light bulb.

"Could.... I have the TV?"

"If you can find some big buff guys to take it to your apartment, sure."

Excitement started to build inside of me as I thought of how many conversations I'd be able to start with some strapping young men, such as: "Hey, what's your name? Handsome Rob? Great, I'm Hailey, and I have a big screen TV." Instant connection. Genius right? Besides attracting big TV loving men, it'll be great to fill up some of the space in our big living room, and it'll be awesome to watch my shows on the big screen! Well I was able to round up Karlie's strapping husband Jacob, my strong pops and Kaylyn's dad brought his man strength along with the truck. They lifted that large mass with their super strength like it was no one's business, we tied it down and were off! Trent met Kaylyn, Jake and I at my apartment to help get it to the third floor. Oh yeah did I forget to mention that? Weird, I seem to keep forgetting to tell people that kindly agree to help me move heavy things that I live on the third floor...

Well the first flight of stairs went fantastic! The second and third we took a little slower but even then they lifted better than any National Weight Lifter I've ever seen. By our rest stop on the second floor I was so racked with guilt for putting these men through this and I was trying to come up with something that could repay them for all their hard work. Coldstone? Dinner? A new car? After a few more grunts and hoists we made it! It fit perfectly in our apartment and again the excitement came back for all the future movie nights we will be hosting.

I blog about this for two reasons. The first being to document that the previously impossible feat of carrying a massive TV up 3 flights of stairs is in fact possible, and secondly to publicly thank Jake, Trent, and the two dads for all their muscular man-ness. These guys are great! I am so grateful for your willingness and quick thought to serve. Hopefully you will get a lot of blessings in the days to come for this.

Movie anyone? :)


  1. I love you! ha ha. Jake felt nice and strong so thanks for letting him use his man card. ha ha.

  2. haha moving is the worst! and i had to laugh because i had a coach 2 semesters ago who's actually the head men's vball coach at byu who is, rightfully, dubbed "handsome rob". one day you'll find me sitting alone in your living room watching tv...

  3. Of course Kar! haha and I don't find that a problem Ashley.... In fact I would probably encourage such visits!