May 25, 2012


Looking at concerts for some reason.  Remembered that warped tour should be coming up soon.  Curiosity got to me and so I looked up the band list.

All Time Low
Breathe Carolina
Mayday Parade
We the Kings
You Me At Six

It's going to be quite the show this year!  Looking at the bands I got really really excited, but also very nostalgic.  Warped tour is a lighthouse moment for me.  (movie reference: What Happens in Vegas)  It is a special memory that I visit if I ever need to remember a time when I was truly happy.  I went twice, and both times were fantastic.  Each hold different treasured experiences in their separate memories. 

#1 - Ashes showed me how to Warped Tour it up in style, taught me that you ALWAYS meet the band, invited me to take an interest in meeting random smaller bands trying to make it big and showed me how to push your way to the front every time. 

#2 - Put a little cement in the bonding of my relationship with my brothers, gave Kay her very first spray painted t, showed off our loyalty (rain or shine) and re-affirmed my love for music.

I would love to go back, but I think Warped Tour is better as a memory this time around. I'd like to remember it when I was jumping around amongst all the sweaty people, desperately reaching to touch Rian Dawson or maybe Gabe Saporta, rather than being one of the people that stands in the back watching all the madness take place. 

P.S. I love the word nostalgic.  It just sounds cool.  Everyone that says it has always sounded cool, so I finally looked it up in the dictionary.  I believe it will find its way into my vocabulary quite nicely. :)

P.P.S I did just find out that All Time Low has a new CD out!  Of course I bought it! It's waiting patiently for me at home, ready for me to enjoy this weekend.  Can't wait.  

May 21, 2012

All Four Seasons!

Yesterday Todd and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary of our first date!  Well, it was more of a whole weekend of celebrations.  Friday we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner!!!! I had never been there and so we figured this was the perfect chance to try it out. 

WOW..... it was absolutely amazing!  Todd met me up here in SLC, picked me up and we only had to wait 10 minutes to be seated.  Thank heavens for being the early birds. Love that worm.  Of course we had to get cheesecake too, so I picked out Red Velvet cheesecake and Todd chose the White Chocolate Raspberry cheesecake.  Again, WOW.  SOOOOO GOOOD.  This might be our new favorite anniversary spot. 

Afterwards, we took a drive up the canyon, relaxed and enjoyed each others company.  This girl (thumb directed to my own chest) is a big fan of drives up the canyon.  There is something so peaceful about watching the scenery pass by.  Also, I was once again reminded of the fact that I am like a little child.  That car puts me to sleep faster than anything else, and I was having a hard time stifling the yawns on our way back.

Saturday day was filled with sun, outside chores and the procrastination of inside chores.  That night we got together with KKAH (now KJKJABHT haha) to celebrate Kaylyn's 22nd birthday!!!!!!  We successfully carried out our new tradition of making dinner together and it all turned out so good!  Happy birthday Kay!!  Such an adult.  Such a beauty. :)  After dinner we all headed over to the picture show and saw The Avengers!!  I really really liked that movie.  I highly recommend it to anyone. 

Sunday I helped Todd celebrate our anniversary by making him wake up early and come to our ward at 9:00 am! He loved that.  After church we played Ticket to Ride with my family (our new obsession) and just hung out for a bit.  Later we went over to Todd's for their belated Mothers Day get together.  It was a lot of fun to hang out with everyone, have some friendly competition and to celebrate wonderful mothers.  That night we decided to take our trains game to another level.  Two boards, two games, two winners from each game played for the title.  Guess who won........ this girl (thumb directed to my own chest).  nbd. :) actually. vbd.

After that eventful weekend I can't wait for what this week holds!

May 16, 2012


The past little while I've been overwhelmed with gratitude for EVERYTHING.  It's amazing to me that if you're looking for blessings in your life, then you'll find way more than you ever imagined you'd find.  Plus the more I think about it, the more I am grateful for the little things.  So, I'm going to compile a list of things I'm grateful for right now. Here it goes:

-Family (extended, immediate, Todd's, mine)
-Mothers of all types
-Grandma Great
-My knowledge of The Truth
-The power of music
-Magelby's chocolate cake
-Two armed hugs
-The occasional cherry coke
-Rio Rumberry lotion
-Ticket to Ride
-Good friends
-Skype sessions
-Baseball moms
-Bill Rancic's inspiring project
-My opportunity
-The "ah-ha!" moment
-Conference talks
-Happiness fueled by simplicity

Life is good. 

Oh and you'd like a few quotes before I sign off?  Well alright then!

"Life isn't about trying to survive the storm,
but learning how to dance in the rain."

"Influence more than you are influenced."

"Make it happen, watch it happen, or wonder what happened."

May 10, 2012

New Favorite Quote

Found this treasure at Grandma Great's yesterday.
Couldn't have come at a better time. 

May 7, 2012

What's up Weekend?

I love weekends. A break from work and a chance to relax.  Plus, hang out with some besties! Anisa and Bronzson are in town now and I'm so excited for the fun we'll all have together! Maybe if we're really good we can convince them to never leave!  ;)

Here's a photo dump of the recents:

Karlie sneaked out!
Woops now Todd's gone...

I'm really sad this one is blurry, it's such a good one of Jake and Kar!

My first Reeses smore!

Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point!

My new running shoes!!!!! 
Fully committed, no turning back now.  Ragnar here I come! 
My view for the past few months.  I love watching these guys and Todd does such a good job coaching!

May 2, 2012

Music to My Ears

Not literal music, but I've been CRAVING one of these today.....
I feel odd just going out and buying one though.  For some reason my brain is telling me the only time a Symphony bar is appropriate is if I buy it at Reams, in a King Size, and it's for my favorite teacher or for random people's Christmas presents.  Odd. 

In speaking of music, I just bought Maroon 5's new lovely tune called Payphone.  WOW, Maroon 5 has done it again!  I have to say, I am oddly drawn to Adam Levine's voice.... even though it is just as high as mine.  NBD.

Have a good day in May!