March 25, 2011

Donut Dilemma

Who knows what I have done right in my life recently, but nevertheless I receive these blessings openly. I have had 3 opportunities for free donuts this week! Woohoo! I of course took complete advantage of these opportunities and have adjusted my attendance to the gym accordingly. :) Today, the 3rd option for free donuts came from a lovely coworker to celebrate the season of Jean Friday! Not only is it a fantastic day when Jean Friday comes around, but we get free donuts on top of that? Can life get any better? I submit that it cannot! Insert movie name here of which I received this quote from but have failed to remember. As I was deciding which delectable treat to choose I had a thought come over me. The #2 opportunity for free donuts played out quite differently:

Opportunity #2:
Setting: Mediation Class
Giver: Professor
Donuts: Krispy Kreme plain & chocolate options
Reaction: Mild hesitation and consideration of the enlargement of certain "problem areas."

Opportunity #3:
Setting: Work
Giver: Co-worker
Donuts: Beyond Glaze Specialty Donuts
Reaction: Immediate motivation to forget all new years resolutions.
Why the difference in reactions? In both instances the only reason why I would not take a donut would be because I knew they were loaded with yummy calories that my backside could probably do without. However, the donut that has significantly more calories (due to the elaborate icing flavors and decorations shown below) is the donut that I don't think twice about eating. Apparently the sports mindset of "Go big or go home" has translated into my subconscious. Could be a problem? Na. That donut was super good.

Take your pick:

March 17, 2011

Bald Spots

I have a confession to make. However, before I make my confession public, I have to first give some background information. For whatever reason, my hairs come out easily. Specifically I am talking about my arm hairs and eyebrow hairs. Yes I shed my long head hair quite often (anything black can attest to that), but the real phenomenon is the looseness of my arm and eyebrow hairs. So since this hair is so loose I sometimes enjoy picking at the crazy sticking up arm hairs to pass the time. It doesn't even hurt. Usually this happens when I'm bored, or sitting through a long church meeting. Ready for the confession?
When I get stressed out I pick at my eyebrow hairs.....
It sounds super weird, I realize this, but they just come out! What am I suppose to do?! The problem is that the more I pick, the less hairs that are left to make eyebrows. The worst part is that currently I have a bald spot in the middle of my right eyebrow - which I am quite embarrassed of. I have to admit, it has happened before, but Kaylyn, Karlie or Anisa will usually slap my hand and tell me to stop. I snap out of it and the eyebrows remain intact. Thanks guys. However, none of the three have been around me often enough lately at no fault of their own, and the life that I have chosen to live has graciously let me know how incompetent I am. Thus the combination of these factors = bald spot. Sad day. I keep trying to slick my eyebrow hairs back to cover it up, but unfortunately there aren't many hairs left to come to the rescue. This is the time that I wish I was a potato head and could say, "Oops, I forgot to put my eyebrows in today!" and it would be normal that I didn't have any. For now, it's still not exactly normal, so I'll just have to sit on my hands, or maybe put tape over the eyebrow hairs I do still have to preserve them. Do what you gotta do right?

March 15, 2011

A Song That Describes You

This past Sunday my apartment was in charge of Ward Prayer.
Ward Prayer: Utah thing designed to give singles in a singles
ward another chance to get married - as Parker describes it.
Our instructions were to introduce ourselves in a creative way and then to cover a spiritual thought, a hymn and end with a prayer. 4 minutes before Ward Prayer my roommates and I tried to come up with something creative. After drawing a blank, we just decided we would introduce our interesting selves and that would be creative enough. Now when we got there someone had an awful idea to have everyone else ask us questions to get to know us. This would be fine except for in these situations people ask weird/awkward questions and if you answer them "wrong," you get placed with an L on your forehead. Smash Mouth. So we had a few normal questions such as "what's your favorite movie," or "what's your major?" I was dominating these questions and feeling pretty good until someone asked, "If you could pick one song that describes you what would it be?" Instantly the words popped into my head, "I'm on fire, and now I think I'm ready to bust a move." Thank you Motion City Soundtrack. So I said it. Because those who know me, know that I have no filter from my brain to my mouth. Fact. Well one of my roommates said a nice peaceful/religion song and the other said another good, normal song. Shoot. I could have said something profound, like Weightless from All Time Low (since it is my theme song for this year); or something righteous, like I'm a Child of God, and provoked a few good thoughts about my sweet spirit. Nope, my subconscious chose a song that could easily reflect an arrogant, cocky personality with good dancing skills. Well I guess the cat is out of the bag. I'm going to have to dig up those good dancing skills that my subconscious and Motion City knows is in here somewhere. Huzzah for embarrassing my progenitors!

March 11, 2011

Poor Little Guys

Today, after I finished taking a big bite of the most wonderful beef jerky I've ever had, I noticed I had a lot of that fantastic jerky stuck in my teeth. Shoot. While trying to pick it all out I started to feel like a carnivor. --> In feeling like a carnivor I thought about lions. --> In thinking about lions I realized that they eat mass amounts of meat. --> When they eat mass amounts of meat, I wonder if they ever get it stuck in their teeth.... I found a peice of floss and then realized, lions don't even have floss to help them out! Sheesh I don't know how those guys do it. Maybe they use grass? There is nothing worse than getting something stuck in between your teeth and not being able to get it out. First off it hurts, and secondly my mind is constantly focused on what started out as a slight disturbance. So hang in there little guys, I'm going to invent some Lion Floss for you.
Also: I've decided that I'm moving to Tooele some day. They grow the best jerky I've ever tasted! I feel like an expletive should be placed in between "best" and "jerky" so that you realize how great it is.
Also, Also: I heard on the news that two guys were lost in a snow cave and survived for two days on beef jerky. That made me think that I should start keeping beef jerky around because I would LOVE to be stranded and only have beef jerky to eat. So the decision has been made; I will now buy a massive bag of beef jerky to keep in my car for some rainy day. Done and Done

March 9, 2011

Uhhh Hello?

I've decided on a few things in regards to answering your phone during class, a meeting, or something else important. I've been on both ends of the phone when this happens and I think I've been able to fully and unbaisedly evaluate the situation to merit an opinion.
Short Answer: If your phone is ringing and you are "technically" unavailable, don't answer the phone.
Long Answer: First off, the person calling has no idea that you are in a meeting and has no intention of interrupting. So when you listen for awhile and then interrupt and whisper, "Sorry, I'm in a meeting but I'll call you back?" the person calling feels like an idiot for ever even thinking that calling you at 3:44 was an appropriate idea. Although, why feel bad? You didn't force the person to answer the phone. By answering the phone in the first place, the impression is given that this is a good time to talk. Secondly, to the people that you are in a meeting with and just rudely interrupted, you have just sent the non verbal message to them that they are not as important as whoever is on the phone. If I am a meeting, and I am going to be interrupted, I would like it to be for something at least a little longer than, "I'll call you back." Once again, just don't answer the phone. I believe it is assumed that if someone misses your call, they will return it. Eventually. Of course, there are always unavoidable reasons (which do happen sometimes) that make it so we are unable to return the phone call. However, I'm not dealing with exceptions, just the general scenario.
Honestly, I think I have been a little brainwashed to think that I have to react to any beep, bloop or blip that my phone emits and at exact the second it happens. My family will attest that I am one of "those" that has my phone glued to my hand. I feel the need to be constantly checking emails, status', texts, phone calls, etc. to make sure that I haven't missed anything. Why is this? Sometimes I wish I could go back to the days when all you had was a home phone. If you were away and missed a call, that was the end of that, but not the end of the world. Somehow I'm going to try and break the habit and put some distance between my phone and myself. Try, being the keyword. :)
Rant, Over.

Aren't Old Folks Just the Sweetest?

You know it is going to be a good day when it is only 9 am and I have been called,
and my favorite....
"Honey Buns."
Looks like I either have the voice of an 85 year old relief society president or that of a 4 year old with pigtails. Either way, I'm lovin' it. :)

March 3, 2011

Vans = Domination

Finally! The post that you all have been waiting for! We'll pretend. So... I like to obsess over weird things. Thus, I am weird. Logical reasoning eh? Believe me, I don't mind one bit. I quite enjoy it actually. I figure, why not love the little things in life? I'm just appreciating beauty where it isn't normally found. Right? Sure Hailey, whatever helps you sleep at night. :) However, I do believe this obsession isn't completely my fault. Somehow it is a direct genetic connection. For my mom, it's purses. For me, it's Vans Shoes :)

Weird thing to obsess over? Maybe, but why not?? They are so colorful, bright and super cool!

Now you are thinking, holy crap! How many pairs of Vans does this girl have? I'll happily answer that for you, 8. for now. I started with the light blue, then HAD to get pink, and then the obsession began.

My room at my apartment even has a shelf for them! Isn't it so great that the contractors were genius enough to know that some girl was going to need a spot for all of her darling shoes?! Books on a bookshelf? Na. At first it would only fit the 8, but I have now strategically placed them so that I can easily fit two more pairs! I thought I was done at 8, but since I have more room.... we may be welcoming Yellow and Black soon... Just warning you.

The real reason I know it's alright that I'm obsessed with Vans is because they are made just for me! Check it out, my initials are engraved on the bottom of them.
Told ya.

Think what you want, but I love them. So there you have it, my secret is out! If there was ever a secret to be kept.. What's your obsession? What sets you apart?

March 2, 2011

My Dear Shirley

There is such a place, that serves only the most delectable of all baked goods. She has recently become my temporary 5th best friend. the rest of you 4 are staples, don't you worry :) I am in love with baking, and even more so with other people's baking. Less mess and clean up, better outcome. One bakery creation that I usually do not have a sweet tooth for are cinnamon rolls. Usually they are too gooey, or too doughy, or just too much. The closest to enjoying cinnamon rolls was been from our high school luncheon days at Anisa's house. I liked them, but was never in love with cinnamon rolls. However, I had forgotten about my dear friend Shirley and her magic touch. In class yesterday our professor brought in cinnamon rolls from Shirley's, and my opinion on the generalized cinnamon roll changed! Those things are fantasmic! I would even go as far as to say they are the BEST cinnamon rolls I have EVER tasted in my entire life. I will probably never eat another cinnamon roll, unless Shirley made it specifically for me. I highly recommend you visit this little slice of heaven.

Anyone wanna pay Shirley a visit with me??

P.S. I was going to take a picture of my exact cinnamon roll that I gratefully received yesterday, but it was gone before I could take my camera out. This picture seems to be a decent stand in.