January 24, 2011

I've Got Your Nose!

We have all done this one time or another to some little kid in hopes that they will find us at least somewhat amusing. Why we resort to the finger looking like your nose trick is a question for another day, but I'd like to direct your attention to a different matter at hand. We may have been on to something without even realizing it.

I was speaking with someone who happens to be on a diet at the moment. Said person was explaining how usually it isn't hard to stick to the diet except for the times when there are fantastic smells in the air. When you walk past an open window and smell that hot apple pie, a succulent roast, carrots and potatoes making some lively conversation in a crockpot, or even smelling perfectly spiced enchiladas right out of the oven, that sense of smell seems to be in charge. Instantly your stomach decides that there happens to be an empty spot in there that needs filling and you hypnotically dig in.

So.... what if we "get" every one's noses and solve America's obesity! Nobel prize? We may look like a bunch of unfinished doodles, but we most certainly would be lookin' good in those skinny jeans!

Alright maybe it's not that good of an idea, but it happens to fall under the "Random" label for my blog posts so it's justified. ...and it has successfully allowed me to procrastinate my homework for 15 minutes. DOMINATION

January 22, 2011

Need An Embarrassing Story to Tell?

I've got one for you.
It begins on a cold night, specifically last night. I had just gotten back from my soccer game (Secret Combinations = Domination!) and was getting ready for a date. A date? Hailey goes on dates? Believe it people. Putting myself out there...? ;) After a bit of awkwardness, the decision was made that I would come outside and hop in his car and we'd be off into the night. So i'm walking around in the parking lot, wishing I would have brought a coat. Internal conflict: My jacket is too good looking to cover up. I didn't see any car lights on, so I kept wandering around the parking lot. I tried calling him and it went straight to his voicemail. Then I saw a car with lights on and a guy sitting in the drivers seat messing with the radio. I slowly walk up to the car, but still tried to keep enough distance just in case it wasn't the right car. Playing it cool. He gives me "the nod" and I reach for the handle to open the door. He proceeds to move the gloves off the seat as I say, "Wow I'm really glad I found your car because it would be super awkward to get in some random person's car." Silence.
At that point, I finally look over and realize that he is not my date, but someone I've never seen before. bad word. He gives me an awkward smile and says, "Are you looking for Ben?" second bad word. He notioned backwards and so I looked HOPING that he'd be hiding in the back seat or something. I kept looking backwards for a little bit staring at the seat trying to somehow make him appear like they do in Harry Potter or something. Nothing. I had nothing to say, and luckily the guy kept talking. "I'm his roommate, but he's back there getting in his car." I awkwardly tried to make a joke about how I was glad to get to know him and hurried out of the car. At that point Ben drove up beside his roommate's car and I ran in. Shrinking in the seat he looked at me a little puzzled.
Well we finally got out of the parking lot, after Ben and his roommate chuckled a little in passing. I had to bite my tongue and stop the words Oh I forgot something, do you want to just drop me back off at my apartment and then I'll never come back out? thanks. from coming out.
The rest of the date went well; we went to one of my new favorite places Malawi's pizza in the Riverwoods and then went back to his apartment to play some farkle. Immediately as I walked in the door his whole apartment exploded in laughter. Guess my wish at 11:11 didn't come true. We re-experienced the whole awkward situation with his roommates and laughed for quite some time about it. It was pretty funny, and thankfully I could join in on making a few jokes about it. I was still mortified though.
It definitely broke the ice with his roommates, and I'm pretty sure that we'll have no problem getting along in the future. Luckily they were cool and nice about it.
I don't know what else to say besides.... at least it'll make a good story right? Ugh. I should have known that I would eventually be the one to take the gold medal for the #1 Most Embarrassing Moment. Figures :)

January 20, 2011


I'm sitting here thinking about what I could blog about....

Christmas, bowling (league, new ball and shoes), friends,
new years resolutions, classes (aka my 5 boyfriends - so time consuming. so needy. ), future plans (cruise?!), etc.

INSTEAD, I've chosen to blog about the unknown. Life is full of unknowns. For example, what am I going to eat for breakfast this morning? How on earth did anyone believe that gasoline, plastic, matches and a big hole was a good idea? (it was) Where do "original" ideas come from? Who decided that mirrors should be invented? Why are we selfish? Should I risk eating Beef flavored Top Ramen one more time? Is the man with a cardboard sign really homeless? How many times can you try to touch your nose with your tongue before your eyes are permanently cross eyed? Has anyone received a message in a bottle out of the ocean?

I present you with these random questions and also ask, is the unknown something that needs to be figured out? Or is the fact that the unknown, is unknown, enough? :)

On a less intense note, I've been listening to Jerry Seinfeld's stand up comedy and that man is funny! Anisa, you may have been on to something all this time and I never knew it....

"Why do they call this person the best man? Why not just a great guy? Here's how I see it, if I'm considered the best man, why is she marrying that guy?"

P.S. did you know there is a movie called Randomocity? Watch the trailer here: Looks.... interesting? Not really, but I'm a fan of the depressing and predictable chick flicks with cheesy endings. Bring on nothing new!

January 11, 2011


Alright, don't pre-judge.... Now that we've got a clean slate, I had the worst experience with this stuff today. Let me explain:
I've always found the idea of the tea bag's little string dangling on the outside of your chocolate brown mug, sipping that healthy stuff while reading a philosophical book to be so very artsy, starbucksy, and down right coooool. So... in all efforts to one day achieve my end goal of being... cooool, I've tried tea on 3 different ocassions. Each time with the same result. Yay.. I love drinking hot water that tastes like someone died in it.
Sorry for those that love tea, but I am just not one of you. After the first time, if it was that bad you would think I would stop trying. Well I like to give things the benefit of the doubt, and that I had just had the 1 millionth possibility of a defect in my cup, rather than what the real joy that tea entails. Second time I went for the Acai berry somethin' somethin'. This time I made sure to add cream (like I had been advised by a avid tea-er). I added cream, then some more, then some sugar, and it still tasted awful.
I had given up on the idea of being cooool (at least the artsy, starbucksy kind) until today. Our office usually has an array of teas, coffees and hot chocolates to enjoy. Today, I noticed a peppermint tea and remembered a time when someone said that Peppermint tea is what they drank every morning to start their day off right. Hey, why not? Peppermint did have a bit more flavor. By that I mean it tasted like I was drinking straight hot water with a double mint smell and after taste... yummo... One good thing, it amplified the mintyness in my gum! That's one way to make gum longer lasting!

3 strikes. You know what that means.

No more tea for Hailey. (I may not be cooooool, but I'm a poet and I didn't even know it!)

P.S. Sorry for not posting for ages... I have quite a lot to catch you up on. It'll all come, slowly but surely. :)