December 16, 2010

Where Have All The Hippies Gone?

Do you know where they went? I am just curious. Today, as I was going through each of the over 1,000 pages of medical records and whiting out the bottom right hand corner (jealous?) my mind started to wander.... as it usually does. Are all those living on peace, love and marajuana now stuck in cubicles? Do they dress up in ties, and blazers, skirts and high heels? Clean shaven? Or are they the select few that every office has, where you know there is something about them locked in their past..... Are their love children hippies too? By this point, they probably have grand love children. Maybe they are stuck in the 60's/70's and continue on peacing and loving. If I ever do meet one, I'm sure they would have fantastic stories for me. Don't you think? I wonder what they think about those people that dress up like the stereotypical "hippie" for halloween. Offended? Disbelief? Entertaining? who knows! I think it would be interesting to see what someone put together if they were to dress up as me for halloween.... Lots of things to think about, and no point to any of them.

December 15, 2010

Alrighty Then

I just passed some guy eating snow off of the top of a pole...... He wasn't doing it nicely (by using his hand to grab a bunch and shove it in), he was on the phone, putting his face in the snow and going to town. Nice.

December 14, 2010

Pie = Pizza

After attending an exciting Jazz basketball game yesterday, I was able to finally visit a historic monument in the form of a restaurant.... THE PIE! I've been able to enjoy or should I say devour their wonderful pizza before, but only at a few parties, and never at the actual restaurant. Boy was that a cross off my bucket list with a smile on my face. The Pie is fantastic. It's a bomb shelter type building with writing covering every inch of the walls, funny posters, and a bunch of crazies. I loved every second of it. We did a half and half pie: half Hawaii-o Pie-o (or something like that) and half Stromboli. Let's just say that Pizza has stolen the number one spot on my list of favorite foods. Thank you for making my stomach stop talking, and for superbly satisfying my taste buds. Until we meet again, I will never ever be the same.

December 11, 2010

Smells Like Change

The year 2010 is almost over, stepping aside for the 2011 to shine through. I started my New Years Resolutions already.... and it's going to be a good year. :) This year was the year of "Why Not?!" of which I believe was carried out quite successfully. I always have a few regrets (failed attempt at saving the world, becoming president, digging a hole to China) but the year turned out the way it was suppose to. I've learned a lot, and I am grateful for ALL that happened this year.
2011 = DOMINATION. New beginning of the decade. New items on my bucket list. New goals just waiting to be achieved. Once the new year does start, I'll finalize my list of resolutions and get cracking. I can't wait!
FOR NOW...........
I still have the rest of this month to wrap up the year of "WHY NOT?!" If anyone is up for some big adventures, give me a jingle. I'm going to go where no 2010 event has gone before. With only a few weeks left, it's crunch time, and I recommend you find something great to finish up your year as well. After all, WHY NOT?!

December 2, 2010

Thanks for the Giving

Thanksgiving is a fantastic invention. The best food you could possibly imagine, left overs for the next week, and family galore! Not to mention that one of my best friends, Miss Anisa Andrus came down to visit!! The world is brighter when she's around that's for sure. This year, we decided to live on the wild side and travel to California for Thanksgiving!!!! We went to visit our fabulous cousins and spend Thanksgiving with them. I don't think I could have asked for a better week to be grateful for. We went to the Ronald Reagan Library/Museum, ate until we fell asleep, went on a longboarding adventure, ate Del Taco enough that I am no longer excited for Taco Tuesdays, for now went bowling, made an In-N-Out run, hit up Target and Kohls on Black Friday and biked to the beach! The Ronald Reagan museum was fantastic, and I even bought a book about that great man! I decided that I'd like to collect a book on every president. I think I should know a little more about the men that have served our country. Plus, by reading their books, it gives me a bit of a history lesson too. Booya! Biking to the beach wasn't as "exciting" as my last time (adding yet another scar to my right knee), but definitely just as great. Riley asked me to promise that I would ride right next to her the whole entire time. Of course I said yes to those beautiful blue eyes! While riding at her liesurely pace she recited the 13 articles of faith that she had recently memorized. Man that girl makes me smile. We got to the fork in the road where we were suppose to meet up with the other half of the group, and my uncle suggested I go up to meet with the other group while he took Riley to the end. I looked at Riley, and asked if I could take Riley down and he go meet them since he was much more familiar with the trail. He agreed and Riley and I were off. A few minutes later Riley looked at me with a smile and said, "You promised me you would stay with me, and you kept your promise!" Maybe this is what it's like when you're a mom, but I got a warm fuzzy feeling inside and an urge to squeeze that darling girl into a big hug! Kids are precious...especially this little lady.
On our way back we got caught in a "crazy snow storm!" which consisted of a friendly trickle of little flakes.
Side note: Luckily it wasn't like the one that we barely missed on our way out to California. You know the one that was "record breaking", causing people to stay indoors and rade the grocery store for the end of the world supplies? 1 inch of snow.... Ah Utah.
I loved every second of the snow, until people forgot how to drive and decided to crash into each other. Thus, our drive took us about 4 hours longer than it was intended to take. Bleh. Despite the obnoxious car ride, California was a blast. Thanksgiving was fantastic and I have my wonderful family to thank for that.