December 18, 2013

Things Aren't Always As They Appear....

I've thought about this a lot lately.  It's something that I'm having a hard time grasping.  However, I've come to the conclusion that our identity and what things we define ourselves with or put out to the world CHANGES.

I've always liked that I knew who I was:
-Child of God, athletic, blonde haired, dumb humored, sarcastic, competitive, dominant human being. ;]

I've always had confidence in who I was and was excited to share pieces of me with ANYONE who was interested.

Interestingly enough, with all this growing up and stuff, I've changed.  Not sure how I didn't realize it, or why I feel in denial about it.

Most of the time I surround myself with people I've known for quite some time, so they know the whole Hailey.  However with dating or meeting new friends, the only things these new people know about Hailey are the things I tell them/show them about myself. Sometimes I catch myself trying to explain or incorporate the old me and I have to stop and think if that is who I am currently.

An easy example: I don't really use the word DOMINATION as much as I used to.   It hardly comes up in my conversations anymore, where as in high school (and even sometime after high school.....) I was OBSESSED with the word domination.  Why? No particular reason really.  I liked building off the implied confidence that carried with the word DOMINATION.  I tried to dominate everything in my life, and it certainly helped grow my bad habit of trash talking.... #oops.

So when I go bowling and I am asked what I want my bowling name to be, and I automatically type DOMINATION, people laugh in the "not entirely sure what that's about, but it's kinda funny, but you're dead serious so I don't really know how to react so I'll keep chuckling" sort of way, but have no idea the history and feelings I have behind that word.  Part of me feels sad that these new people won't know that side of me, because I sure did have a lot of fun with it.   However, I've changed and in this instance, grown up.

I understand this is a small, insignificant change in my life which may not be the best example to illustrate my feelings toward these new-founded life/personality changes.  However, for the most part I am really happy with how I've changed and I'm excited for some future changes.

November 6, 2013


I received this email from a client who thought I might enjoy it.  Aaaahhh she knows me far too well. [Heads up, it's a little long, but soooo worth it!]

Part of rebuilding New Orleans caused residents often to be challenged with the task of tracing home titles back potentially hundredsof years. With a community rich with history stretching back over twocenturies, houses have been passed along through generations of family,sometimes making it quite difficult to establish ownership.Here's a great letter an attorney wrote to the FHA on behalf of a client:
A New Orleans lawyer sought an FHA loan for a client. He was told the loan would be granted if he could prove satisfactory title to a parcel of property being offered as collateral. The title to the property dated back to 1803, which took the lawyer three months to track down. After sending the information to the FHA, he received the following reply: 
(Actual reply from FHA): 
"Upon review of your letter adjoining your client's loan application, we note the request is supported by an Abstract of Title. While we compliment the ablemanner in which you have prepared and presented the application, we must point out you have only cleared title to the proposed collateral property back to 1803. Before final approval can be accorded, it will be necessary to clear the title back to its origin."
Annoyed, the lawyer responded as follows:
(Actual response):
"Your letter regarding title in Case No.189156 has been received. I note you wish to have title extended further than the 206 years covered by the present application. I was unaware any educated person in this country, particularly those working in the property area, would not know Louisiana was purchased by the United States from France in 1803, the year of origin identified in our application. For the edification of uninformed FHA bureaucrats, the title to the land prior to U.S. ownership was obtained from France , which had acquired it by Right of Conquest from Spain. 
The land came into the possession of Spain by Right of Discovery made in the year 1492 by a sea captain named Christopher Columbus, who had been granted the privilege of seeking a new route to India by the Spanish monarch, Queen Isabella. The good Queen Isabella, being a pious woman and almost as careful about titles as the FHA, took the precaution of securing the blessing of the Pope before she sold her jewels to finance Columbus 's expedition. Now the Pope, as I'm sure you may know, is the emissary of Jesus Christ,the Son of God, and God, it is commonly accepted, created this world. 
Therefore, I believe it is safe to presume God also made the part of the world called Louisiana. God; therefore, would be the owner of origin and His origins date back to before the beginning of time, the world as we know it, and the FHA. I hope you find God's original claim to be satisfactory. Now, may we have our loan?"  The loan was immediately approved.
Boom. Roasted. Gotta love lawyer humor combined with stupid oversight.

October 30, 2013

Well, He's Off!

There was so much that built up to this day, but it never really seems real until the moment it's actually happening.  This morning we dropped Parker off at the airport and hugged him for the last time for the next two years.

Parker is heading to the MTC in Preston, England so this drop off at the airport was a lot different than Jordan's was at the Provo MTC.  We had time to sit and wait before Parker had to go through security which was good, but prolonging the inevitable didn't help my turning stomach. Once Parker left us and walked through security, I lost it.  My name is Hailey and I am a cry baby.

The thing is that we have a small family.  There are only three of us and then my parents.  When one person is gone it leaves a huge hole. (I'm sure this is the same for a big family too) Not only that, but PK is the baby of the family.  He's the youngest, so thankfully that means this is the last time we have to do this, but it's still so sad knowing that it'll be another 2 years until I get to see him again.

I am going to miss Parker so much.  He's one of my best friends and we've really had a chance to get really close these past few years while Jordan was gone.  With all that aside, Parker is going to DOMINATE his mission! Parker is a great kid and I'm excited to hear how he changes and grows throughout his mission.

Good luck bro.  See you in two.

October 18, 2013

Random Musings

I was going through my old draft blog posts and feeling grateful I didn't press publish on a lot of them.  Mostly they were heat of the moment posts which in these instances, were better left unsaid.  I had a rant on my pet peeve of mean and nasty comments on the Internet (still a pet peeve), a post titled "Look who's legit!" with nothing written..... and a list of things I would never buy at a yard sale (including but not limited to: a hot tub, used socks, deodorant and hats).  Like I said, good thing they were left as drafts. :]

Since I rarely post anymore, I wanted to do a weekly domination update, so here it goes!

  •  Karlie had her babies!!  Two adorable baby girls that have stolen my heart. I feel such an overwhelming love for them.  I feel like I'm their Auntie and I plan to brain wash them to believe that!  It is so strange but ultimately so awesome to watch the first one of the group have babies.  My little friend is all grown up!  I couldn't be more excited for their little family and I'm glad I can watch the twins grow up for a little while before Kar & Jake leave for med school. 
  • I have..... an online shopping addiction.  Most people have their little guilty pleasures or addictions (Diet Coke, Hershey Kisses, real-life kisses, crafting, thrifting, sleeping, Parks & Recreation, etc) and mine just happens to be online shopping. I'm so lucky to have found my addiction so early on in life! ;) I LOVE right now, I get so many awesome things on there for such good prices! 
  • I got a record in bowling recently! A whopping 76.  You read that right, 76.  I know... believe me, I know what you're thinking.  I am ashamed.  To make myself feel better I played Wii bowling the next night and got a 171.
  • I went out on a limb and got new glasses.
  • We've been rock climbing like crazy which means I'm getting muscles in places I didn't expect and that I get to see this handsome man and his awesome parents every week! 
  • We went to the chalk festival which blew my mind!  These people are sooo talented!  I think it would be awesome to enter one year just to do it, I LOVE chalk. 

  • I have made it my mission to introduce everyone to Waffle Love.  Hands down the best waffles I've EVER eaten.  They hooked me in and now I'm a stalker of their traveling waffle truck. 
  • I started sewing my quilt and it is coming along sooooo great! It's been a lot of work, but I love doing it.  I think quilts might be my "thing" because they are usually just sewing straight lines, fairly easy and so stinkin' cute!  Pictures to come.... can't ruin the surprise! 
  • I found "my spot."  Okay there are actually two of them, but one is for sitting and taking in how beautiful this wonderful State is and the other is a tucked away trail I found close to my house. I've always wanted a "spot" and now I've found two!  The other one I didn't get pictures of, but I will eventually! 

  • PK has his farewell on Sunday and then leaves for London a week and a half after that.  I don't want him to go...we just got Jordan back!  I'm really going to miss that guy, but I'm so excited for him because I know he's going to dominate. 
  • We had family pictures last weekend and they turned out soooo good! Man I love family. 
  • I ride the train to and from work as often as I can.  I LOVE it.  It is not financially feasible, nor does it take less time than driving (it's actually more of a pain to get places outside of the station), but I feel so relaxed and wonderful when I ride the train.  All these years driving quite a distance to work I've developed a small case of road rage and I end up at work feeling frazzled. When I ride the train I get to work refreshed, happy to be around people and ready to get the day started.  I HIGHLY recommend it. 
Well, that's all for now, see you in another 4 months when I blog again! ;) 
Life is good.

Speak Up Already!

I've come to the conclusion that people who do not make a noise or saying anything when a clothing store worker has knocked on their dressing room to see if it's free, causing the door to be opened on an embarrassing, half-dressed situation, are those who turn out to be flashers.

What other logical reason could there be?  They must enjoy getting caught with their pants down literally or something because when I'm changing in a fitting room and I hear the knock on the door and the "Is anybody in here?" I instantly panic and blurt out some noise to stop them from coming in.  On a few rare occasions I'm able to form them into words like "STOP" or "I'm in here!" but usually I'm just so worried about being walked in on that I figure any noise is better than nothing.  And, to this day I have yet to be walked in on at a public dressing room.

I've walked in on plenty of people though, and it's uncomfortable, and would have never happen if people would just answer the warnings.
Side note: 
I almost googled videos for dressing room pranks
but luckily my brain kicked in before I did. 
That could have been bad....

October 7, 2013


You need these videos in your life.  Yes, they are over dramatic, but you cannot deny that they are hilarious and interlaced with truth.

I for one, could not stop laughing.  Happy Monday!!
Want more? Oh, there is plenty more where that came from....  

September 13, 2013

Adventure Is Out There

"When ye are in the service of your fellow beings
ye are only in the service of your God."
Mosiah 2:17

Work has been crazy busy as one co-worker is out on maternity leave and will continue to be busy throughout the rest of the year with what our cases have in store for us and with another leaving on maternity leave. there is something in the water up here... ;)  Yesterday I decided I would plan a vacation for sometime in the Spring or Summer next year after all of this craziness settles down. This vacation would be something to look forward to, keep me motivated, plus it will be to celebrate my 5 year mark of working here!  So, I starting thinking about Greece.... Italy.... Spain.... London..... Hawaii... and quickly realized my limitations as I would be traveling by myself.  I could try to come up with people to come with me, but the only person I could count on to make this trip happen was myself.  Then I realized that I have a great opportunity to still see the world, but for a different purpose; to go on a service/humanitarian trip.  

I have always wanted to go on one of these to give back, to embrace and learn about a new culture, to better understand life outside of this Utah bubble and ultimately to serve where I am needed.  I am in an interesting spot in my life, but one that is ideal for a trip like this one.  I don't want to pass up this opportunity just because I'm scared out of my mind to do it alone.  This is bigger than me.  I can get over myself and dedicate some time to someone or a group of people who need the help I am able to give.  It would be a lot easier if I were a nurse or had something I could offer, but oh well, my time is still something right??      

The next question is: Now what? 

I've found websites that match people up with organizations and basically provide the link to exactly what I'm looking for.  Some of these websites are VolunteerForever, VolunteerMatch, and then you can find Humanitarian trips for LDS singles... nice. hahaha  One thing I know for sure is that I want to go with a big company/organization that has "been there done that" many times so to reduce the risk of getting into a bad situation or being scammed.  

So..... if anyone knows of any good opportunities coming up for the early part of next year, or any reputable organizations you've had experiences with then let me know!  Also, if anyone wants to join me, please do!  Once I figure out where I want to go it'll be easier to try and recruit friends, but for now I will be spending all my time researching the world and all it has to offer.   :]

September 10, 2013

Pinterest, you get me.

Pinterest, you've done it again. 


Oh man this happens far more than I'd like to admit.... haha so funny

September 5, 2013

Can't Get Enough

I am OBSESSED with these songs.  Seriously, this first one is on repeat all day long.  I'm pretty sure I'm single-handedly giving her a million views on YouTube.  Check them out, you won't regret it.

And this lovely video makes me so happy. I love Sara Bareilles!

August 27, 2013

Liebster Award

Karlito nominated me to answer some sweet questions and pass on the awesomeness of the Liebster Award to other nominees.  Karlie is one of my very best friends.  We've been friends for at least 13 years (holy cow Kar that's awesome!), she's currently prego with twin baby girls, she's such a sweet, caring, smart and beautiful wonder woman.  Check out her blog!

"Liebster" means dearest in German, and it's awarded, blogger to blogger, to up-and-coming blogs with less than 200 followers.  The rules for accepting and giving the award are pretty simple.  Once you accept the award, you just have to do the following in a blog entry:

Answer the 11 questions posted by the nominator on her blog
Give 11 facts about yourself
Nominate 5-11 other new, up-and-coming blogs with less than 200 followers
Make up 11 more questions to pass on to the bloggers you choose to nominate
Thank your nominator by linking back to her blog
Upon your post going live, contact your nominees about your nomination for them

Kar's Questions:
1. How do you deal with nerves/anxiety? 
Unfortunately it takes me a little bit longer than I'd like to realize that I'm "freaking out" from anxiety or nerves but once I'm able to realize it I feel like I am able to deal with it better if I talk to friends/family about what is stressing me out.  The longer I keep it in the worse I feel.  Usually while voicing what is bothering me I can see how I'm being ridiculous and I can usually calm myself down and then my friends help validate my anxieties.
2. When something totally awesome happens, who are the top 5 people you want to tell? 
My Mom, Dad, Karlie, Anisa and Kaylyn
3. When you are having a rough day, what is the one thing you can always do that will cheer you up?
Listen to the song Red Red Wine by UB40.  For some reason that song ALWAYS makes me feel good.  Perfect vacation on the beach song.  If only I drank red wine.
4. What is your favorite memory from Elementary School years? 
Honestly, one of my favorite memories from elementary school is when we would play SLAM during lunch.  Eventually we got to be good enough to play against a teacher and that was a huge victory in and of itself.
5. If you could get paid to do absolutely anything, what would you want to get paid for doing? 
I would love to get paid to do crafts or creative projects all day.  I love making things, sewing, cooking, creating, etc.  Or I'd love to have a business with my mom where we fix up houses and sell them. HGTV here we come!
6. What is one item that is always found in your purse that you always need?  
My wallet. :) Other than that, I'm always searching for a hair elastic or bobby pin.  I always seem to lose them and I can only last so long with my hair down in my face.
7. What do you do when you have absolutely nothing to do and are bored out of your mind?
Watch Netflix.  I never thought I'd be such a Netflix junkie but I'm obsessed.  I love watching random documentaries and trying out new TV shows.
8. What is your favorite month of the year?
July is tied with December.  July is full of summer, corn on the cob, BBQ, family and fireworks which I can never get enough of.  December is full of snow, scarves, sweaters, charity, selflessness, family and hot chocolate - a month full of warm fuzzies.
9. What are 3 words that describe you perfectly and why?
I'll describe myself physically because that's self explanatory and less awkward: blonde, white and mediumlyaverage (totally one word)
10. If you had to decorate one room and live in it for the rest of your life, what colors and theme would you give the room?
I would choose my bedroom which is connected to my bathroom.... does that count? haha and I would decorate it with a Beachy feel.  Blues, lots of white, tan, flowy, light, relaxing and awesome.
11. If  you were to go on a road trip where would you go and what would you do?
It is on my bucket list to visit each state in the United States.  I don't want to just drive through each state and stop at their gas station, I want to visit something special and unique to that state. Amusement park, national park, crazy diners, historical landmark, infamous gems and movie scenes.

Facts About Me: 
  • I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to changing my hair color/cut.  I have a slight panic attack after a bad hair cut and feel as if the world is over. I'm not sure why, but it is what it is. 
  • I have a hard time finishing projects. 
  • I love coupons and getting a killer deal. 
  • I like to be the center of attention if I am putting myself there, otherwise I hate it. 
  • My favorite flowers are Sunflowers and Daisies.
  • I really like going shopping by myself.
  • I'm terrible at gardening and don't care much for it. 
  • I don't like taking medication. I like to believe that my body can usually take care of itself. 
  • I have the potential to be a hoarder.  Luckily I received my mom's joy of organizing so it doesn't get out of hand. 
  • I laugh at my own jokes.  (because they are funny... duh)
  • I don't like dealing with car issues, which I happen to have a lot of. I should probably date a mechanic.
So now I get to pass the Liebster Award torch to some new people and I choose..... 
Amy Allen, Jessie & Sean and Erin Fleming. (Yeah I know it's only 3 people, but that's all I've got!)  
Alright, here are your questions to answer:
1. What's your favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream? (Or just favorite in general)
2. What has been your favorite vacation so far? 
3. What would be your dream vacation? 
4. What is your favorite perfume and favorite cologne?
5. How many kids do you hope to have? (If any) 
6. I've always wanted to have my own secret spot that few people know about that I visit to be alone to think, but haven't found the perfect one yet. (The last one had too many bugs....) Do you have a "special spot" you like to escape to? 
7. Name a band/singer that you have always loved that most people may not know.
8. What is your favorite workout class you've been to? 
9. Do you have any dating advise for me??  
10. Share/describe a moment in your life when you have truly been HAPPY, something other than a grand occassion.
11. In what way(s) have you turned out just like your parents?

Alright, go for it guys!!

August 6, 2013

London, England

Parker just got his mission call a week ago and..... he's going to be serving in London, England for the next two years!!!!! He reports to the MTC (in England) on Halloween!  Looks like PK won't be going trick-or-treating with us this year....

Don't mind the crazy screaming person recording this video.... #mybad

I am SO excited for Parker and SO proud of him for making the decision to accept his calling to serve for two years as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I hate the thought of Parker leaving us when we just got Jordan back, but I know that he'll be such a great missionary and will be blessed for his huge sacrifice!

July 31, 2013


This week I went from sleeping on this....

tooooooo.......... this!

queen domination.
Shout out to #mattressfirm for letting me take a nap on each of your beds, giving me a great deal, delivering this massive thing and for leaving free thank you mints!

If you're looking for a mattress, go to the Mattress Firm! They were really helpful and they even donate to make a wish foundation!  They are a few hundred dollars off of sponsoring their own kid!

Next up I need to take pictures of the completed bed set up.  I've just gotta find one more pillow and I'm done!!  This whole decorating part is way more fun than the unpacking and moving part!

P.S. I can't even say that sleeping on that air mattress was terrible, because boy have air mattresses come a long way! This air mattress was 400 million times better than the actual bed I was sleeping in at my last apartment.  Plus it has a built in pump! Air Mattress Domination.


July 17, 2013

Who's this Hailey character??

Too much fun with #bathroomselfies

I am....a Mormon!
I one day make it to Italy and/or Spain.
I have....the 3 best friends anyone could ask for. #kkahforever
I wish....I lived closer to a beach.
I hate....disappointing people and being disappointed. (expectations are the worst)
I fear....being alone.
I search....for new music and opportunities to meet new people.
I wonder....if I will ever be able to follow through with my new years resolutions.
I regret....always being a workaholic and going straight into my career instead of being a normal college student.
I ache....after going to the gym. duh.
I always....need an organized To Do list.
I usually....let my gas tank run on empty for a little too long.
I am not....good at lying. at all.
I am grateful....for my awesome brothers and their humor.
I a wanna be Jabbawockeez/drill team/80's dancer.
I the top of my lungs despite being tone deaf. #sorrynotsorry
I never....turn down ice cream.
I love....crazy bright colors, sarcasm & wit, obsessing over a word, movie, song, number, color, etc., clearance racks, goldendoodles, hashtags and being outside.
I like....looking back and realizing the blessing that brought me to where I'm at today.
I sometimes....hate social media.
I miss....having a summer vacation.  Not just a one week thing but the whole summer.
I any other woman with unpredictable hormones- in most movies/commercials.
I am not always....good at managing my time.
I admit....that I can be stubborn and too independent.
I lose....everything. (Although, I'd rather classify it as being an expert in misplacing things.)
I am confused....when people complain about something but have no intent to do anything about it.
I quit worrying about EVERYTHING.
I should....floss.
I one day be a Martha Stewart mom/wife., laugh and live.

Found this from this lady and decided to join in!  Repost it on your blog with your own answers and give me a link so I can check it out!!


June 27, 2013

Squirming, Twirling and Giggling

This video was shown to me back in my Seminary days and I'm so glad I could find it again!  Shout out to YouTube! Holla!  If you have never seen this, you need to.  Stop reading and press play on the video below.

If you have seen this already, you could watch it again if you'd like.  It's that good.  The reason I post this is mostly for what happens at about 06:15 until 07:25. On Sunday Parker and I had the opportunity to teach the 5 year old Primary class.  That little segment of the video just about sums up how Sharing Time was: chaotic but wildly entertaining. haha  Right from the very beginning of Sharing Time we had one girl who was crying and hyperventilating because her mom said, "She has a hard time with change and she really liked her old teachers."  Hmm.  After a lot of convincing and sweet talking she finally calmed down. Once she was calm she ended up sitting on my lap buried in my arms throughout the rest of Sharing Time.  #heartmelted

Alright, this isn't so bad!  I can do this!  Kids like me!  ....right?  

The other kids in our class were constantly bouncing and tapping and poking and making random sound effects WHILE folding their arms so the coined "Okay, fold your arms and listen" phrase didn't do much good to settle them down.  During one song we were supposed to stand up and turn around to sing. Simple, right?  Well between the girl who wouldn't release herself from my lap and another boy, continuing to turn in circles all the way to the front of the class and spin so much that he fell straight onto another boy and then onto a chair, I couldn't keep them all together more or less SINGING.  It was at this moment that I realized straight jackets or velcro bottoms just might be the greatest thing the church will ever invest in.

I guess after awhile of doing this every Sunday you get used to it because some of the other teachers were cool as cucumbers as they leaned over, picked up their wiggly 4 year old to plop them on their seat again, only for this to be repeated another 8 times before the song was over.  I did feel bad for the Sharing Time leaders though because while all of this craziness is happening, they are trying to teach about repenting and being forgiven to a room full of kids not listening to them.  To the teacher's credit, it was a great lesson, very creative and I had to hold back my urge to blurt out the answers to her questions.  #oops

Somehow we made it through Sharing Time and I almost forgot we still had class to go to.  I was already exhausted.  It's been awhile since my babysitting days and I work every day at a law firm ..I haven't been conditioned for that much non-stop energy all at once.   I was excited to get in a smaller group so that we could see what these little 5 year olds knew and what (if anything) Parker and I could teach them.  Parker and I introduced ourselves and then we asked each of them to tell us their names and something about themselves. First up, "My name is Porter and my dad died."

open mouth gifs photo: The Soup Open Mouth WHAAT gif 15fn6g5jpg.gif

Uhhhhhhh..... Parker and I just sat there for a second.  LUCKILY he just kept talking about other things and acted as if it wasn't a big deal, but rather just a fact of his life.  While he was talking little hands kept shooting into the air and waiving for their turn to talk.  Next up, "My name is Seth and today is my birthday and for my birthday I got a Razer scooter and the Razer scooter is a hot wheels scooter because I love hot wheels and that's what I wanted for my birthday do you want to come see my scooter it's right outside my mom let me ride it to church today and I can't wait until church is out so I can ride my scooter do you want to go see it I'll ride really fast and show you how cool it is."  See picture above.  You'll notice that this sentence was extremely hard to read (and type) due to the lack of punctuation, breathing or any indication of stopping.  These kids are masters when it comes to talking!  Even when they are taking in a breath they are still talking.  It's actually quite amazing.

Does anyone remember the show "Kids Say the Darndest Things" with Bill Cosby?

This kid is a prime example of the talents these little kids have.  They can talk about anything!  I can't imagine what is going on inside of their heads - actually I take that back, I can imagine because they say whatever thought comes in their head no matter the relevancy.  haha I don't know what Parker and I were so worried about, teaching kids is a piece of cake!  Just sit back and let them talk.  Done and done.

Then the next girl was up and after discussing about how her cousin lives in California she said, "my cousin's parents are broke up."     .............................................................

We all think that gossip in the ward comes from Relief Society, but that is not the case.  These little kids are dangerous when equip with secrets.  They pick up on more than we realize and are happy to share it with anyone who will listen. Without skipping a beat, a boy said, "what does broke up mean?"  Oh crap.  Before I had a chance to think of something diplomatic to say another boy started singing, "We are never, ever, ever getting..." and then clamped his hands over his mouth.  Saved by Taylor Swift! haha I couldn't help but laugh at the perfect timing and even though he was embarrassed I had to admit, he was right on.  See, these kids don't miss a beat.  The other kids didn't really know what was going on and so we quickly moved on to start the lesson.  Whew.

We were given Lesson 22: The Atonement.  Again, see picture above.  Man that gif has worked so many times for this!  Basically shows how I feel all the time about kids but...anyways....  How were we to teach these 5 year olds about the Atonement?!  They weren't even baptized yet.   Instead, we decided to focus on Choosing the Right.  I had planned this awesome lesson complete with coloring at the end because we all know coloring is a staple in Primary.  We started the lesson and one kid raised his hand and said in the sweetest most polite voice, "Umm excuse me (I melted), did you bring us treats? Our last teacher always brought treats."  Deer in the headlights.  Crickets.  #oops  We had forgotten the treats! The one easy thing we could have done to make them instantly like us and we failed miserably.  I am not above bribing for love so I'm surprised I didn't think about this!  face --> palm.  I promised them we would bring treats next week and apologized many times to those sad little faces.

Well.... my brilliantly planned out lesson lasted a whopping 15 minutes and I had no idea what else to do.  Parker looked at me and then said, "Who wants to color?!"

Like terrible teachers, those kids colored for the better part of 40 minutes because we didn't have enough planned.  I tried to have them draw instances where they were choosing the right (I know, it was a stretch) but without looking up one girl said, "No, I'm going to draw a rainbow." And so they drew rainbows, whales, bugs, trees, dogs, play houses and whatever else they wanted.  It was adorable.  Parker is super great and had them also drawing on the chalkboard with everyone adding something different to the masterpiece.  He certainly is good with kids!

At the end, the shy girl from the beginning came up and hugged my leg.  For the millionth time in those two hours my heart melted.  These little kids are handfuls, but they sure are cute.  Overall I LOVED it and I'm glad I had that experience.  I went home and passed out on the couch; I was beyond exhausted and could only think of how bad I felt for all of the moms and dads who now had to take those rambunctious kids HOME and entertain them all day, every day.  I have SO much more respect for parents and I consequently learned that my kids are going to be screwed.  Sorry kids! :]

P.S. Oh and sorry little girl who just got used to me being her new teacher.... I won't be there anymore since I was only subbing for my mom.  #heartbreaker #oops

June 21, 2013

Hey There Friday.

I LOVE PINTEREST!  I love how funny, creative, smart and amazing people are and that we get to celebrate that on Pinterest.  For today, I loved these funnies.  Enjoy, because it's FRIDAY!



Wow it took me a second....
We all have those days....

June 19, 2013


Yesterday I made the goal to "free your[my]self from negative people."  This seemed a little difficult because the ideal situation I guess would be to just rid my life of any negative people.  Literally.  Maybe even Physically.  jokes. :)  Since that isn't very realistic, I figured I'd look up ways to deal with negative people.   A lot of times if I am around someone who is very negative it is very emotionally if they are sucking the life and energy right out of me.  I need to keep in mind that there are times when I get on negative, hate-the-world kicks, as much as I hate to admit it, so I was hoping to find ways to quickly turn those days around.

I decided to focus on the first part: dealing with negative people.  I hopped on google and up pops: 7 Simple Tips to Deal with Negative People how great is that?!

  1. Don't Engage in the Negativity
  2. Hang Out in Groups
  3. Objectify the Comments Made
  4. Go With Lighter Topics
  5. Be Mindful of the Time You Spend With Them
  6. Identify Areas You Can Make a Positive Change
  7. Drop Them From Your Life

I suggest you read the post (see link above) if you're interested, because the opinions expressed therein are really great.  #7 gave me a start because the rest of the tips were encouraging that these people can change.  However, sometimes I guess we just have to realize that some people are emotionally destructive and we have to take care of ourselves first before we can help others.  aka drop it like it's hot. 

Well, I'll give it a try!  Bring on the negativity!

June 18, 2013

New Goals

I found this lovely on Pinterest and it made me think that I really want to make a few changes in my interactions with people.

Anyone else want to join?  I'm going to take one each week to work on/be aware of and see what happens! Why not?! So far my favorite one on this list is "Give people you don't know a fair chance."  I really need to be better at that so I'm excited to make that change!

This week: "Free yourself from negative people."  Interesting...

June 14, 2013

Bloody Jack

My dad has been trying to convince me to listen to the Bloody Jack audio book for years now and I finally caved.  I'm not entirely sure why I wasn't excited to read it from the start, but now that I've started it I am hooked!  Now that I'm hooked, I'd like to put the pressure on ANYONE who enjoys good things in life.... go read this book!   The Bloody Jack series just may have snuck its way into my #1 spot.   Oh yeah, it's that good. 

Bloody Jack is a pirate adventure series unlike anything I've ever read.  The back of the book reads:

This description doesn't do the story justice, but it is a start.  Jacky Faber is a ridiculous but extremely charming character.  She has a lot of spunk and is always getting herself in and out of trouble.  I also love that it is based in the 18th century because this time period has always fascinated me.  L.A. Meyer is a phenomenal writer and I can't wait to start the third book.  I'm trying to be really vague because nothing I say will prepare you for the greatness that envelops each page of this book.  I feel like I am gushing everywhere about this book but I can't help it.  When something is this good I have to share it!

Side note: Listening to it as an audio book makes 
it 400 million times better!  The lady who narrates 
this book is beyond fantastic and very entertaining.  
I couldn't wait to drive ANYWHERE just 
so I could listen to this book.

So, put this at the top of your summer reading list and be prepared to be sucked in.  Bloody Jack = Domination.  Happy reading!

May 31, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Wellllllllllll the secret is out.  I'm not very good at keeping exciting secrets anyways. Friends, you've been warned  I have a new nickname around my family, "Hailey Homeowner."  BOOYAH!!!!

Taken with my embarrassingly organized binder of documents for closing.
They hadn't seen something like this in over 30 years.
All thanks to my mom for giving me the obsessively organized gene :)
Once upon a new years resolution, I made a list of things I hoped to accomplish in the year 2013.  This month I put a big check mark next to #5: Buy my own place.   :]  That's right, I signed my life away for the next 30 years for the most adorable little condo and I could NOT be more happy about it.  I was worried about the forewarned "buyer's remorse" but so far I have had none of that.  I was able to walk away with a steal of a deal, thanks to Sean at Summit Realty and Maralee at 1st Home Mortgage.  These people were so great to me and so helpful!  This lovely pad o' mine has given me purpose, something to work on, take care of and progress with.

To celebrate this awesome milestone in my life I held a proper ribbon cutting ceremony with some of my besties for the first time I entered my Home Sweet Home as its owner. That's what normal people do right....?   It was pretty much the greatest welcome home I've ever received and I couldn't have done it without my friends! (Shoutout to you Kar, Jake, Kay and Joe - Anisa and Bronzson were there via video recording and were missed terribly)

First project: PAINTING.  My mom and I are taking on the massive job to paint the whole place and we just finished with the baseboards.  I'm excited about some killer before and after pictures but until then my evenings have been consumed by taping off baseboards, ceilings, doors, outlets, myself, carpet, people and anything else that needs a good covering.  I'm so lucky to have such a fantastic mom who is an expert in this area and willing to help me out.  We make a pretty good team, she and I.  (Is that grammatically correct?)

See, having a house is teaching me relationship lessons! Bonus! haha

I am HAPPY.  Life is GOOD.  I love EVERYONE I've been able to surround myself with lately.... and I love SUMMER.  Times like these make me look back and be grateful for all I've had to go through to get to this point.  So why not be happy for where I'm at now and what is ahead?!

P.S. Isn't it pretty awesome that this quote session began and ended with the Hinckleys?  They are so great!

May 10, 2013

PK Fire

On Sunday I had the opportunity to sit in on Parker's patriarchal blessing.  It has been a LONG time since I received mine and so it was really good to remember how special these blessings are. Sometimes I get caught up feeling as if I'm alone in this world, alone in my decisions, alone in my hopes and desires.  Yes, I do have family and friends to share things with, but they don't have a crystal ball either.  darn it!  I don't like not knowing what the future will hold for me and so it causes me a lot of stress and anxiety to venture out into the unknown.  Well this weekend I remembered that I do have a map for my journey through this earthly life.  I do have insight into my strengths and weaknesses.  I do have promises of blessings upon following the commandments and I do have specific responsibilities or duties to accomplish while here.   All of these things and more are found in my patriarchal blessing. It's pretty amazing to me that I received my blessing when I was 15, and it is STILL accurate and pertinent to my life today.  Also, despite whatever I'm going through at the time (good or bad) something new (but relevant) always seems to come to light when I read it.  Reading my patriarchal blessing helps me keep perspective and realize my potential and worth.

Listening to Parker's was such a blessing for me because it just reiterated a few things that I already knew about him:

  • He's such a good kid, guy, man with SUCH a bright future ahead of him
  • He's genuinely nice and sweet with a great sense of humor
  • He will definitely be making a big impact on the world #watchout    
  • AND I'm grateful to have him as my brother

As if there aren't enough awesome things about Parker, it's his birthday on Sunday!!  CELEBRATE!!  If you didn't know already, PK is kind of a big deal.  Love him. :)

Happy Friday!

May 2, 2013

A Quote a Day.... Keeps the Snow Away... (Hopefully)

I love the sun.  I've recently discovered that I'm one of those people who is significantly happier when the sun is shining.  When it snowed on my way to work yesterday I didn't even mind because an hour later it was bright and sunny again!  (oh Utah....)

Well here are a few quotes that have saved me throughout this crazy work week.  All via Pinterest.

AND then some of these....
So we started our SF outdoor soccer Women's league a few weeks ago and it has felt so good to be playing outside!  Actually, physically it felt terrible because I am SO out of shape (see quote above re: turtles and peanut butter), but it was good to get out and play.  I mean I even got sun burnt last week! HALLELUJAH!   Ah man I love me some summer.  P.S. Danica, our team name "Keepin' it REAL" will always make me think of you.  We thought of you when Kay and I picked it!

Okay, I'm obsessed.  I LOVE Yogurtland.  Plus it's yogurt so it's so much healthier than ice cream! Yes, I happily live in a state of denial, why do you ask? See those strawberries and kiwis?  #Instahealthpoints. Never mind the fact that the cheesecake bites are overpowering the strawberries.... ;)