June 23, 2010

"You Make Me Happy, Whether You Know It Or Not"

I'm back!!!! (Replace I'm with We're and imagine me as a big orange dinosaur with my arms spread wide as I say this) (Again with the movie humor) Lately I have been in some sort of funk. I haven't realized it until I was looking at my blog and realized I've lost my funny bone. Somehow it has exited my body without my knowing and has been surgically replaced by the selfish bone. However, never fear, my good friend Ashley Stinocher has shaken the selfish straight outta my skin! WHEW! It also helped that today could easily fit under the DOMINATION category of awesome days. Feels good to use that word again. I'll give you the table to contents for June 23rd. Lunch filled with loads of sunshine and a good read, flowers from a client making it all worth it, Mount Timpanogos temple for baptisms after work with the magnificent Kaylyn Swanson, and a delightful marathon chat session with Stino. This day was Jampacktacular!

[My world is a crazy farm without this place in it.]
Time and time again I forget that I have to have this, but one special someone reminded me and helped me get there today. This temple is beautiful inside! I'm so grateful that I have the opportunity to visit as often as I'd like, and feel that wonderful spirit. I'd like to go to every temple someday, probably the day when we can teleport, because each temple is so different! Someday....

Ashes and I had a good talk tonight and one topic that stood out was that we discussed praying. We decided that praying more often, and getting real with The Big Man upstairs is like we are allowing Him to get to know us. The real me. Not the one that talks from a script (yes, my prayers are still relative to that of a 4 year olds) but the one that talks freely about wants, needs, upsets, happiness, confusion... ya know.. life. I say allowing because we talk about how we want to build a relationship with Him, but yet we don't let him in on what's really going on with us. I don't know, it's something to think about I guess. Don't worry, we didn't just talk about serious stuff...we fit in the important goods like gossip, drama, new heart throbs, dreams of going away to India & California as well. The staples to every decent conversation.

Now, I'm off to bed with a smile on my face and a feeling of freedom coursing throughout my veins.

P.S. 4 million points to whoever can name the title and artist of the song of this post's title. Happy sleeping! :)


  1. happy by nevershoutnever...4 million points for me! hahaha i like you. a lot. you are funny and i am stealing the phrase "crazy farm" and placing it right into my own personal dictionary of goodies.

  2. I award you 4 million life points! :) Umm... may I please see your personal dictionary of goodies someday? If "crazy farm" makes the cut, I'd be interested to see what else did!

  3. i think that's the most nicknames of me anyone's ever written. for that i thank you:) i love you hailey francis!!!