December 14, 2010

Pie = Pizza

After attending an exciting Jazz basketball game yesterday, I was able to finally visit a historic monument in the form of a restaurant.... THE PIE! I've been able to enjoy or should I say devour their wonderful pizza before, but only at a few parties, and never at the actual restaurant. Boy was that a cross off my bucket list with a smile on my face. The Pie is fantastic. It's a bomb shelter type building with writing covering every inch of the walls, funny posters, and a bunch of crazies. I loved every second of it. We did a half and half pie: half Hawaii-o Pie-o (or something like that) and half Stromboli. Let's just say that Pizza has stolen the number one spot on my list of favorite foods. Thank you for making my stomach stop talking, and for superbly satisfying my taste buds. Until we meet again, I will never ever be the same.

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