June 27, 2011

Gold's Gym

Who believes that everyone who goes here holds a hidden agenda to meet the opposite sex higher than actually working out? (Meat Market?)  Who believes that all the girls that go, weigh no more than 100 pounds and look darker than even a tanning bed could help them achieve?  Who believes that all the men that go take a shower before so it looks like they are sweaty from working out (but without the odor) and strut around grunting and staring at themselves in the mirror?  I have to admit, before a few weeks ago I would have raised my hand to all of those questions and probably had a few more prejudgments to add to the list.   Gold's Gym has always held a generally negative stereo type for me and to be honest I have no idea as to where it originated from.  However, I changed my ways and I went to figure it out for myself!  Guess what, Gold's Gym is....... a gym.... and that's about it.  Just a place where people of all shapes, sweat capacities and sizes come to work out.  Imagine that!  The best part is that there are a ton of treadmills!!  So far I haven't had to wait in a line creeping on a runner for a chance to race to an empty treadmill, and I have appreciated that. 

Since I am always so prepared I brought my iRun and headphones to help keep me motivated.  Of course each time we've got I've realized too late that I've forgotten to charge my iRun, and/or I have brought the wrong headphones so I couldn't listen to it anyways.  So instead I end up plugging my headphones into the treadmill and watch what is on TV.  Last time, the only interesting thing on (Seinfeld) was on the TV so far to the left I couldn't actually see it.  On a personal TV on the treadmill in front of me "Friends" was playing but I couldn't figure out how to listen to that one.  I was stuck.  Jerry playing in my ear but watching Rachel and Ross in counseling.  Intriguingly I started to pick up on how well Seinfeld's commentary was matching up with what I was watching in front of me.... Rachel slams her hand on the desk and Jerry said, "I just can't take this anymore! The nagging has got to stop."  Kramer bursts in and states something about succulent watermelon, right as Ross mumbles something and looks longingly towards the door.  The next scene Rachel and Ross in a fluster pass Joey on the street and Jerry says, "Oh come on, you can't leave on account of bad tuna!"  Okay so maybe I don't entirely remember the exact dialogue, but it was pretty entertaining to say the least.
Overall Gold's Gym has been a fantastic experience!  Both Kaylyn and Todd have passes to Gold's, so I have people to go with!  After braving my first meeting with Mr. Gold, I have learned my lesson (yet again) to never judge a gym by my preconceived notions.  Gold's Gym is pretty impressive, and I can't wait to start some of their classes! So...if anyone wants to gym it up at Gold's, give me a jingle!

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  1. Dude I go to golds!!!!! Yoga in Orem with Jim is the best thing ever. Call me sometime and I'll go with you. It'll be great motivation. :)