March 5, 2013

Reality Check

Every once and awhile I need a good wake up call.  Thankfully this one didn't have to come in the form of a terrible event happening.  Whew.  With my fantastic weekend with my best friends (post to come shortly), many prayers answered after a rough day, Austen's post HERE, Sierra's post HERE and the sun shining outside my window I'm overwhelmed with gratitude and perspective.  Know that feeling?

I'm going to share the video that Sierra posted because it had such an impact on me.  
WARNING: If you're feeling slightly emotional make sure you watch this in private... thankfully I watched it in my office and had a second to regain composure before I had to go back to work, because there were some serious waterfalls happening over here.  
 Side note: I'd like to think that if
I were to watch it under different circumstances
 I wouldn't have been such a cry baby.... hopefully.

We can never know what other people are dealing with in their lives and so this was a great reminder to me to be kind and slow to be annoyed or impatient with people.   To be grateful for what I do have.  To be grateful for my own trials because I know I couldn't deal with some things others have placed in their laps.  I'm grateful for the power each of us has inside of us to overcome any trial we are given, especially with a little help from our best friend. To be grateful for and realize the little things in life that make us TRULY happy. 

You know what, I think it's going to be a good day. :] I hope you can make yours just as great!

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