March 30, 2010

The Day Has Finally Come...

Alright.... I caved! I've secretly always wanted to start a blog, but was nervous of the unknown. I feel weird keeping a public journal type thing. Weird? We'll see! So now, after some people kindly and persistently encouraged me, I'm gonna test it out! :) Why not?? Who knows if anyone will follow my blog, or if I will even follow my blog, but we'll see! So here it is, my first blog post EVER. Enjoy it, because I have a feeling this kicks off a whole mess of future blogging.. Well, CYA!


  1. LOVE. love. it!!! i am totally following you.
    congrats and welcome to the blogging world roommate :)

  2. you are going to wish you never did this. but in a good way. like buying a chocolate bar. totally worth it but you crave it every second until you get another. blogs are about to change your life. I love it!!! i am so excited to read this everyday...

  3. I'm sooooo excited. I will read it! I love the picture and the name of your blog. It is so you.

  4. Oh you guys just make me so happy! haha this is all so new to me, but so exciting! I'm excited to read all of your blogs as well. I'm starting to see why people love this so much!! :) Now I just have to think of something to write to you all....

  5. haha i love the domination pic!!!
    you make sure to blog often! i love to read...and you may find this out later but i have NO MONEY...AGAIN. :) so i won't be able to make the concert. last week when i said i was going i thought i had more than i did. i need to afford food haha! have fun though and PLEASE TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT! take pics too.