April 2, 2010

We Shot the Moon!

Wednesday, Katie and I went to the Velour in Provo for the We Shot the Moon concert!!!! Wow.... I am officially a concert junkie! I love everything about them. Excellent music, dancing around like an idiot but without a care in the world, all the different types of people you find there, and the connection between you and the singer as you both stare at each other while screaming the words to their beautifully crafted song; I love it all! Double or Nothing opened for them, and I was blown away! They were absolutely amazing. Katie and I may or may not have slightly awkwardly stalked them for a picture after the show. The creeper inside us succeeded over their better judgement. Victory!

I am however, glad that no one traces my singing back to me....

Ashley can recount what happened at Warped Tour when I tried to record Every Avenue during my favorite song that I had been practicing singing in the shower for the past week. Bad idea. For the most part at concerts I can scream at the top of my lungs and no one cares! A dream come true! Although during We Shot the Moon's Perfect Time, one guy did turn around when I was really belting it to give me a weird look. I met his suspicious gaze to identify the horrible voice and proceeded to look to the person to my right with the look that said, "I know right? Some people are so tone deaf." He gave me a head nod and turned back around. Phew.

Next concert: OWL CITY!! I cannot even wait! ....Maybe I'll consider being a groupie for a band one day. You know, a good, morally clean, groupie of course. I don't know if they would go for that type of groupie though. If only...

Oh! And we found a shopping cart in our elevator at our apt! Perfect end, to a perfect day! :)


  1. you are too cool for school. concerts are so great right!! it's the only place i feel good about singing. not even church. actually at church i feel even worse about my singing because everyone in the ward either doesn't sing or should be in the tabernacle choir. the point is concerts are great. and so are carts...ps me and natalie have that exact picture but with n in the cart not k.

  2. HAHA! singing at the top of your lungs without hitting a single one of the notes is the best part of a concert! :) OWL CITY BABY!!