August 1, 2011

Fear #54:

Say I ate uncooked ramen noodles and dipped them in the included chicken flavored sodium packet.  Say I could hear my mom telling me how bad this meal is for my health.  Say I loved every second of it.  Now, say I drink water or any other liquid after I eat these uncooked ramen noodles.  Are they going to expand in my stomach?  Doesn't that happen to birds when they eat uncooked rice?  Pretty sure birds have exploded from the expansion of the uncooked rice in their stomachs...correlation to humans?

Well if this is the end, listen to the Band Perry song, "If I Die Young" and you'll know what to do.  Oh and I'd like the "help save exploding birds and people" fund to be set up at all the local grocery stores. Over and out.

1 comment:

  1. You should search in youtube "Andrew's well known barbecues", it's awesome!