August 8, 2011

Do I Dare Say It?

Looking at my recent post history I realized something sad, but what I knew would come eventually. may be coming to an end.  If you couldn't tell, my creative juices haven't been the usual flowing waterfall but rather a trickling stream.

If you catch my drift. 

Technically, this blog was only supposed to last a year, since it blossomed from my new years resolution of "Why Not?!" However, look how far we've come! Starting in February of 2009 (wow!), and ending up in the middle of 2011, a lot has changed.  I've cleaned up and become a distinguished American citizen!  Okay maybe I can't push it that far, but at least they are still letting me be an American citizen.  That's something eh?

Some may call it writers block, others, a shift in priorities.   I struck gold and could be moving on to some big things soon. metaphorically I realize that I will still do stupid things regardless of whether I have a medium to document them on, and I look forward to what my blonde hair has in store for me!  :)

A shout out to all of those who have followed my ramblings; you are what helped fuel this blog and most times were there with me for a lot of these experiences. 


~Much love and DOMINATION~


P.S. Don't stop blogging friends!  Just because I won't have my blog doesn't mean I can't stalk yours :)


  1. I miss your blog already! :( Now I'll have to start paying attention in class again...bah! I enjoyed every second of reading your posts Hailey!

  2. This news really breaks my heart! I truly have loved every post of yours. I laugh out loud at most of them and find myself pondering other ones days after I read them. If you change your mind, know that you will make your favorite cousin so happy! Love you!