March 10, 2012


Today has been a beautiful, sunny, marvelous day and I've loved every second of it! To take advantage of this time, I decided to clean my car.  (Having people squish in my back seat around all my crap this morning also helped motivate this idea......)  I cleaned out all the stuff and then headed out on the town for some errands and to end with a nice bath for Veronica. It's definitely a windows rolled down, red Ray-Bans, music blasting kind of day - one that you take a mental picture of and visit on the cold winter days.  I can't help but smile when I think of how much I love the warm sunshine. 

Feeling pretty great, I pulled in to take my spot in line to get my car washed.  Luckily there wasn't another car behind me because when I got up to pay I realized that the machine only took exact cash and couldn't give back change.  So, I quickly maneuvered my way backwards and over to the gas station to get change.  Running in and running back out, armed with Big Red gum (I was feeling the red today- I chose my red Vans this morning :] ) I hurried back to the car wash before anyone could steal my spot.  I paid, and proceeded to pull forward - as the sign indicated I should. 

Oh did I leave out the part about how I rolled up my window to then watched the water show? 

Yeah, well you see that's because I forgot to roll up my window. 

epic fail.  

I also didn't get a second to watch the water show because I was too busy getting soaked and splashed in the face.......
Silly me, I must have pressed the car wash + nice cold shower button. 

Also, you know how everyone is worried about getting their fingers cut off from how fast their automatic windows roll up?  Well I would have loved to have that worry because I needed that speed.  I got another 2 buckets full to the face before my window finally reached the top.  Once it did, I just sat there in the puddle, water running down my legs, face, arms, steering wheel, rear view mirror, etc. and tried to "soak" in what had just happened. Then it clicked and I busted out laughing.  It was a good thing I was the only one in the car because they too would have been soaked.  Those car wash soakers have power!  Thankfully I took out my printer, typewriter and stash of clothes before I got a car wash. whew. I did have a towel in my trunk so I climbed to the back seat to get through the trunk and started to clean up the damage.

Honestly, it was probably an interesting sight for those in the McDonald's drive through line to see Veronica come out of the car wash all clean and beautiful and then to see me get out sopping wet. haha

Maybe I'll try to do my part and make the world a better place and put a warning sign before you enter the car wash.  I know I could have used a "Hey blondie, roll up your window before you drive forward" sign today.