March 1, 2012

I'm Like a Firefighter

What do I have in common with those strong, buff, courageous, heroic, brave, firefighters that dedicate their lives toward the greater good? Well, actually none of the descriptions above.  Just that we both save lives. nbd.    

I got a call today from the Red Cross saying that I've saved 21 people by donating my lovely AB negative.  WOW!  Don't worry, I don't say this to toot my own horn, but rather to hopefully light a fire under each one of your bottoms so that you will run and give blood! People are waiting for you, people are waiting for me! 

*Also, as a side note.  I heard that if you donate as often as allowed (every 8 weeks), then it's like an oil change on your heart.   I'm sure that pumper will appreciate the maintenance.   So if you don't want to donate blood to save the dying people (maybe you recently helped an old lady cross the street and that filled your service quota), at least do it for yourself ;)*

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