May 2, 2013

A Quote a Day.... Keeps the Snow Away... (Hopefully)

I love the sun.  I've recently discovered that I'm one of those people who is significantly happier when the sun is shining.  When it snowed on my way to work yesterday I didn't even mind because an hour later it was bright and sunny again!  (oh Utah....)

Well here are a few quotes that have saved me throughout this crazy work week.  All via Pinterest.

AND then some of these....
So we started our SF outdoor soccer Women's league a few weeks ago and it has felt so good to be playing outside!  Actually, physically it felt terrible because I am SO out of shape (see quote above re: turtles and peanut butter), but it was good to get out and play.  I mean I even got sun burnt last week! HALLELUJAH!   Ah man I love me some summer.  P.S. Danica, our team name "Keepin' it REAL" will always make me think of you.  We thought of you when Kay and I picked it!

Okay, I'm obsessed.  I LOVE Yogurtland.  Plus it's yogurt so it's so much healthier than ice cream! Yes, I happily live in a state of denial, why do you ask? See those strawberries and kiwis?  #Instahealthpoints. Never mind the fact that the cheesecake bites are overpowering the strawberries.... ;)


  1. love those little quotes- i think stress and i need a break up too :P


  2. hahaha all of these quotes totally made my day.
    and sometimes utah's bi polar weather can be a good thing i guess :)

  3. Okay these were amazing!!! LOVED the heart beat and ups and downs one, brilliant :)!!!