May 10, 2013

PK Fire

On Sunday I had the opportunity to sit in on Parker's patriarchal blessing.  It has been a LONG time since I received mine and so it was really good to remember how special these blessings are. Sometimes I get caught up feeling as if I'm alone in this world, alone in my decisions, alone in my hopes and desires.  Yes, I do have family and friends to share things with, but they don't have a crystal ball either.  darn it!  I don't like not knowing what the future will hold for me and so it causes me a lot of stress and anxiety to venture out into the unknown.  Well this weekend I remembered that I do have a map for my journey through this earthly life.  I do have insight into my strengths and weaknesses.  I do have promises of blessings upon following the commandments and I do have specific responsibilities or duties to accomplish while here.   All of these things and more are found in my patriarchal blessing. It's pretty amazing to me that I received my blessing when I was 15, and it is STILL accurate and pertinent to my life today.  Also, despite whatever I'm going through at the time (good or bad) something new (but relevant) always seems to come to light when I read it.  Reading my patriarchal blessing helps me keep perspective and realize my potential and worth.

Listening to Parker's was such a blessing for me because it just reiterated a few things that I already knew about him:

  • He's such a good kid, guy, man with SUCH a bright future ahead of him
  • He's genuinely nice and sweet with a great sense of humor
  • He will definitely be making a big impact on the world #watchout    
  • AND I'm grateful to have him as my brother

As if there aren't enough awesome things about Parker, it's his birthday on Sunday!!  CELEBRATE!!  If you didn't know already, PK is kind of a big deal.  Love him. :)

Happy Friday!

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