July 17, 2013

Who's this Hailey character??

Too much fun with #bathroomselfies

I am....a Mormon!
I want....to one day make it to Italy and/or Spain.
I have....the 3 best friends anyone could ask for. #kkahforever
I wish....I lived closer to a beach.
I hate....disappointing people and being disappointed. (expectations are the worst)
I fear....being alone.
I search....for new music and opportunities to meet new people.
I wonder....if I will ever be able to follow through with my new years resolutions.
I regret....always being a workaholic and going straight into my career instead of being a normal college student.
I ache....after going to the gym. duh.
I always....need an organized To Do list.
I usually....let my gas tank run on empty for a little too long.
I am not....good at lying. at all.
I am grateful....for my awesome brothers and their humor.
I dance....like a wanna be Jabbawockeez/drill team/80's dancer.
I sing....at the top of my lungs despite being tone deaf. #sorrynotsorry
I never....turn down ice cream.
I love....crazy bright colors, sarcasm & wit, obsessing over a word, movie, song, number, color, etc., clearance racks, goldendoodles, hashtags and being outside.
I like....looking back and realizing the blessing that brought me to where I'm at today.
I sometimes....hate social media.
I miss....having a summer vacation.  Not just a one week thing but the whole summer.
I cry....like any other woman with unpredictable hormones- in most movies/commercials.
I am not always....good at managing my time.
I admit....that I can be stubborn and too independent.
I lose....everything. (Although, I'd rather classify it as being an expert in misplacing things.)
I am confused....when people complain about something but have no intent to do anything about it.
I need....to quit worrying about EVERYTHING.
I should....floss.
I hope....to one day be a Martha Stewart mom/wife.
I....smile, laugh and live.

Found this from this lady and decided to join in!  Repost it on your blog with your own answers and give me a link so I can check it out!!



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  2. You forgot to add, I am....FREAKING ADORABLE!!! I love that skirt!!!