February 4, 2011

El Bano

Today I was able to visit a very prestigious law firm in Salt Lake City. As we made our way there I was intimidated by the magnificent architecture towering over us. For some reason, architecture has always been so fascinating to me. Finally when we arrived, the building was just as fabulous inside as it was outside and I was enthralled. Big heavy doors, glass everywhere, marble floors, 8 elevators and more than 14 floors to explore through. I continued to be impressed when I arrived at the firm's suite. Their meeting rooms were modern but sophisticated, with glass everywhere to deprive you of all your privacy. Awesome! Halfway through I had to use the little girls room, so I politely excused myself and headed towards the loo. As I have previously expressed, I was extremely impressed with this place, but that came to a screeching halt when I opened the bathroom door. Walking into the cramped bathroom I immediately became confused. I didn't think I was at taco bell.....but I know these bathrooms from somewhere... Let's just say the automatic faucets on the sink did not do a good job at disguising the drastic downgrade from the rest of the building. Well I did my business and walked back into the exquisite meeting room. However, from then on, I was not so impressed. Question: If you are trying to give off the impression that your company is rich, powerful and means business, why wouldn't you put a little time into the location where business takes place? From now on, I only judge a company by their bathroom. End of story. Thankfully, remodels are possible and so there is still hope for this nice little firm.

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