February 23, 2011

Hard to Believe

It is hard to believe that one day my conversations will be just like the two women that sit down the row from me in one of my classes. We waited for my teacher to show up for class and while we waited I tried to finish reading Nollan v. California Coastal Commission. impossible The two ladies beside me were extremely chatty about something and so of course my little ear perked right up. "I ordered them online and we should be able to start this weekend!" "You've got to follow it exactly, dedicate a full day, or else it won't work." "You're a miracle worker." huh?! Turning up my eavesdropping skills a little more, almost reaching maximum capacity and risking getting caught, I figured it out.
Potty training.
Both mothers, one more seasoned than the other, were swapping success and failure stories about potty training their kids. Did you know there is a book that can help you potty train your kid in one day? Wow! Apparently it works too. I don't believe I realize the full magnitude of their discussion, especially since I don't even know when you are suppose to kick those diapers to the curb. Sorry future babies of mine. I did however find it interesting that there is so much that goes into potty training. These ladies could write, "The Psychology of Potty Training" for how much they had analyzed this process. Don't you just give them a star on a potty chart or turn the water blue and then voil`a?! Guess not. :)
P.S. I couldn't figure out how to do the little accent mark above the a... fail.

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