February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Here's a shout-out to the best Mom ever!  Not only is she a phenomenal woman, she also is an amazing chef, successfully crafty, a fashionista and is constantly making us laugh.  Life around these parts would be quite drab* without her around.  So tonight, as tradition, she'll pick out her favorite restaurant and we will all happily dine together.  I love birthdays :] Happy Birthday Mom!!  We all love you and are so grateful to have you!

*My new word of the day:

Drab -
1] dull; cheerless; lacking in spirit, brightness, etc.
(It can also mean a dirty, untidy woman; a prostitute, but I meant the first definition)


  1. Your Mom is so cute. So's your blog. I'm glad you're blogging again! Hope you're doing great!

  2. Thank you Kellie!! I'm doing quite well! Hope you guys are doing well as well :)