June 13, 2012

La Copa Familiar 2012

Todd's family has a few family traditions that took place last week, La Copa Familiar and International Night.  Both were so much fun!! I was happy to be apart of them this year! We got started a little later for La Copa so I didn't get pictures taken until we moved to MMHS.  Here you go!!

 The group!

La Copa 2012 Champions!!

 Todd has been growing his hair out for this occasion,
I think it turned out pretty well actually haha

 See Todd.... Proof your hairstyle is a soccer hairstyle...

Oh man now that I searched on the web for some European Mohawk pictures I can't stop finding these crazy ones!! hahaha

And finally.... I couldn't do a Mohawk post without this guy....

Next up, was the International night.  Everyone brings some native food from a country or state they have been to (i.e. or went on a mission to) and we have a potluck celebration!  For me it was fantastic because I just got to eat all the creations! Score! There were some crazy things there, like Korean Pancakes (made with octopus and other lovely things), and fried Okra.  We also had a taco station by Little Mark, loaded polish dogs, beans, fruit, steak, salads, juices, etc. Todd made Fresh Pineapple juice and Steak.  Sooo good!  It's a fun tradition they have, and just another excuse for everyone to get together.  Food tends to be at the center of my favorite gatherings, so this one fit right into my top 10.

Also, more exciting news, Kurt and Cailtyn Averett were married on Friday!!!!  They both were beaming with excitement, and it all turned out so great! Congrats guys!!

This weekend we've got the Ragnar Relay, and I couldn't be more excited!  No more training, the race is finally here!  Hopefully I don't kill over and die the first leg.  I'll be sure to take lots of pictures, maybe even some videos.  So until then, stay sweet my friends.

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