June 22, 2012

T-O Double

Todd had a birthday shout hurray!  We wanted to sing to him yesterday!  One year older and wiser to, happy birthday, to Todd! Man I'm so good at birthday rhymes..... ;)  I would have a video of Todd blowing out the candles right below this paragraph for you to view, but due to my ridiculously bad luck, I'm trying to figure out a way to see if I really did just delete ALL of my pictures from my camera.....  I'm really hoping they are still out there somewhere because I have most of the Ragnar pictures on there too... oh geez it makes my stomach turn just thinking about the possibility of those pictures being gone. 

ANYWAYS... on a lighter note!  Todd's birthday was great! Dinner at Tucanos the night before with Kurtlyn (Kurt and Caitlyn), Dirt cake and ice cream with Todd's family then Red Velvet Bundt cake with my family, Zupas tonight, search for the perfect Lid and strawberries & cream! 

Aaahhh.  I love summer birthdays.

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