July 3, 2012

Golden Nuggets

Lately I've found all these golden nuggets in the shopping industry and I figured I should share the love!  I am a sucker for a bargain or a stealin deal, and so some of these places are right up my alley! 

Songza:      You can get rid of Pandora Radio with this new app/website.  Holy cannoli have I been waiting for this beautiful invention.  (Thanks Anisa!)  Music like you've only heard on your iPod, with NO commercials!  Plus, depending on the time and day of the week, Songza's music concierge suggests some playlists for your mood or event taking place at that time.  For example, I pull it up right now and it gives me these options for Tuesday Morning: Waking Up, Feeling Confident, Singing in the Shower, Reading the Paper and Working Out. 
(Looks like I shouldn't be at work this early... usually they have several work playlists haha)
Monoprice.com:       Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.  I learned about this website from a Ragnar buddy, and I'm so glad I checked it out!  I just ordered an iPhone case for only $1.12!  They have a bunch of other things on there too for way cheap.  I know it's legit because I saw his phone cover he ordered, and he also told me about how put speakers throughout his whole house for really cheap from this website.  Check it out.  All I really need to say about it is CHEAP!

Sexy Modest Boutique:    This little treasure is located in American Fork, right next to the Cinemark movie theater.  I was intrigued by the name of the store (also thinking, "Only in Utah" haha) and at that point I hadn't had much luck accomplishing my intention to go on a shopping spree, so I decided to give it a try.  Score!  This boutique is beautiful.  It holds many wonderful and classy articles of clothing that are all made so well!  I'm not saying that everything in there was modest, but they did have some cool "basics"  to help make anything in the store modest.  I found a super cute striped maxi skirt (one that actually looks good for a girl with some junk in her trunk) and a classy/timeless dress with gold buttons.  At this moment you're probably thinking, wait a second!  Hailey usually covers her skin with bright colors or t-shirt and jeans type styles, where did this classy side come from?!  Well to be honest it surprised me too.  Thankfully my mom has been slowly whispering good fashion tips in my ear since I could dress myself.  Could be considered brain washing, but it's definitely beneficial to know that I shouldn't wear a flowy skirt and a flowy shirt or else I'll look like a balloon, and other important things.  Maybe most girls are born with these tricks, but I have been a late bloomer.  Although with that said,  no one will ever be able to make me give up my shorts and t-shirt days.....  Ever.  Let's move on.

DSW:    Any store that holds rows and rows and rows of beautiful shoes is a great store.  For my mom.   I like dressy shoes and all, but really I don't mind rotating through my 2 pairs of work shoes and calling it good.   Of course this is only so I can buy more of what I really want..... VANS shoes.  It's been awhile, and I think that this pair just might need to be in my closet soon....

Anyways, back on track..  Despite my obsessive love for Vans shoes, I've found that I can love other shoes when they are adorable.  DSW has a beautiful clearance section, but mostly their shoes are kinda expensive (for me).  They are good quality though, so it's a toss up whether you want to buy expensive shoes that will actually last, or if you want to keep buying $15 flats at Forever Young Shoes every few months.  Totally up to you, because even while I'm saying this I still am a sucker for the cheap shoes.

Groupon:    Yeah yeah, everyone already rode this train a long time ago; but I'm new in town!  I didn't want to deal with all the emails I heard you get from signing up for Groupon and so I didn't even try it out.   Well, I have been converted.  I found a deal for dinner at Toscano's (Italian lovely that I've wanted to try for awhile now!) that was $15 for a $30 value.  It gets even better because Groupon gives you $10 off your first groupon and so I only paid $5 for a date night dinner at a fancy pancy restaurant.  Domination.  I realize how Groupon could be a little overwhelming, and I can totally see how I could lose my savings account on all the awesome deals, but I decided to just look for dinner deals and date night activities.   Dates can be expensive, but they are a necessary expense.  Especially on the days when I don't care about the 50 free dates you can find at home, I just want to get out of the house and DO something. 

Bookit.com:    I have never seen more deals on vacations than through Bookit.com.  A friend at work has used the site a few times so I don't feel like it's a scam.   (If it is, my bad.)  Sometimes I look at it just to look at the pretty places I will one day visit.  If you want to plan a vacation, definitely check here first! 

Well my friends, that's all I've got right now.  If you've found a few golden nuggets then send them my way!  Have a great Tuesday!

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