July 5, 2012

The Great State of Utah

I am SOOOO happy it's finally raining!  I honestly hope it keeps raining and raining and raining until all these crazy fires are put out.  I has made me really uneasy this past little while to see all the smoke and ash in the air, to constantly hear on the news how yet another fire has started.  I can't express my gratitude towards anyone and everyone that is helping fight these fires, and I can't express my sorrow for those that have lost anything in these fires.  After this whole fiasco I have definitely learned that I will always have Fire Insurance.  Maybe I should get a house first.... haha one step at a time I guess.

Anyways, the real reason why I wanted to post today is to show this picture.

hahaha my cousin posted this on facebook and I thought it was pretty funny.  Hopefully this helps get you going on this lovely Thursday morning.   I know it helped me..... I hate coming back to reality after a holiday.  Bleh.

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