November 26, 2012

October Project #2

Remember THIS post filled with all the things I wanted to accomplish in October??  Well I actually finished a few, and here's some pictures to prove it!  I still need to take pictures of my "satchel" that I made as well, and that will be October Project #1..... Until then, here is my yard sale bookcase I turned into a stellar shoecase!

From brown....

To white....

Then add some blue.....

Then add a shoe or two!!
Yeah that last bit rhymed, nbd.

Crappy pictures... I know.  I was more focused on painting than trying to document, but I think it turned out sooooo awesome!!!!  Also, the decision to hold my shoes on a bookcase was a fantastic  one, and one that I highly recommend to everyone.  No mess, and now I can look at my beautiful shoes as I fall asleep.  :) As you can see, I need to buy a few more shelves.  It's a little crazy to me that I have enough shoes to fill these shelves, and that I need more shelves to fit the rest of my shoes....  what can I say, my feet are little fashionistas.

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