October 8, 2012

October To Do List

I think I'm going to start doing To-Do lists for projects I want to do during each month.  They might actually get done if I set a time frame, eh?   I can only hope....

Paint bookshoeshelf
Sew this Messenger bag

De-Junk bathroom and kitchen storage boxes

Sew this iPhone case

Start going to the cycling class with my mom
Watch this.

Finish this.
I'm off to a good start if you ask me!  I found the bookcase at a yard sale for $15! Booyah! (So much better than the cheapest one I could find....$75)  I have been trying to figure out how to keep my shoes organized and I think this will work!  This way I can look at all my beautiful vans, and none of my shoes will get squished.  I bought the fabric and have it all cut out for the messenger bag and I'll use scraps I have to make the iPhone case.  I have a few more hopeful items I could add to this list, but I'll start here first.  Don't want to get too ambitious. :)

P.S. click on the de-junk link, you'll find an awesome list of questions to ask yourselve while de-junking!

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