June 18, 2013

New Goals

I found this lovely on Pinterest and it made me think that I really want to make a few changes in my interactions with people.

Anyone else want to join?  I'm going to take one each week to work on/be aware of and see what happens! Why not?! So far my favorite one on this list is "Give people you don't know a fair chance."  I really need to be better at that so I'm excited to make that change!

This week: "Free yourself from negative people."  Interesting...


  1. Hey have you read The Happiness Project? It's totally in sync with this a pretty good read. I just read it while I was in Hawaii and I think you'd dig it.

  2. That is funny you mention The Happiness Project, because I just checked out that book from the Library this week! I haven't started it though, but I'm excited to give it a try. Thanks for the recommendation! :)