July 18, 2010

Drive In, Tune In And Enjoy The Show!

Except for a small select few, they have been removed from the earth. As privileged individuals, Utah has a few to dot its surface and keep the magnificence alive. You may think to yourself, is she talking about In-N-Out? Win-Co Grocery Store? [Nope] Even though each of those are apart my favorite things list, I will save those for a seperate post. Today, I bring to you.....


Taylorsville City, on Redwood Road holds a facility so exciting I nearly need to use the restroom just thinking about it. This past Friday, a bunch of us drove up to this blessed city to participate in such greatness. There were 6 movies playing that night, 3 screens available. We chose Despicable Me AND A-Team. It was a double feature!! Can this place get any better? We found our parking spot, loaded in the back of the trucks, tuned into the right radio station and got ready for the greatest experience of my short, and uneventful until this moment, life. I kind of missed the first part of the movie though because Cameron Nielson and I went to go get some liquid. People were everywhere! I don't know how anyone can say that a drive in would fail in this economy. For the amount of people there, I might want to be so bold as to say that each family there probably had to have a raffle to choose which family member could go and who they had to leave behind. All those people they had to leave behind could have probably filled 4 more Drive In movie theaters! The movie was fantastic! One thing however, made the trip a bit less comfortable than it could have been if I were to be prepared. Pants, socks and shoes were not the best choice in 95 degree weather at 10:00 at night. Silly me for thinking that it would cool down in the middle of the summer! It was so hot that I had to keep moving around or else I'm sure I would have either melted like the wicked witch of the west, or caused water damage to the bed of the Swanson's truck. Despite the heat, we made it through, and had a grand ol' time!
Another great part of the night happened halfway through the movie! My cousin Sydney Conant has been in Utah (from California) for a few weeks, and stopped by to see me!! I love that girl, and wish she could be here always. Or rather that we could pack up everything here and bring it to California for the beach and beautiful sunshine. Although, I guess what makes California so great for me is that it is a vacation. Something that I don't get all the time, so I'll appreciate it.... right? Anyways, it was so good to see Syd, and have her hang out with us Friday and Saturday. (Saturday... shopping, pool party with singles ward, and outdoor movie!) I can't wait until August 17th when I'm leaving on a jet plane to spend a week with her family!

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