July 9, 2010

Freedom!!!! Celebrations of the July 4th Weekend.

I love Utah. I have nothing else to compare it to, but in my opinion no one parties in July like Utah. This month is consumed by TWO holidays! Not only do I love that I get two days off of work this month, but even more great is that everyone unites to celebrate and party! Provo has the hot air balloons in the morning, 4th of July parade, and the Freedom Festival. All three of these events are on my "a few of my favorite things" Sound of Music list. Freedom Festival shuts down a part of Center Street with a million booths and tents, overflowing with pretty jewelry, bags, clothing, FOOD, games, and much much more! I was able to go with my Mom and Dad this year and we found some great things! People are so crafty and I love that they want to share their art with me for a small fortune. Aaahh people are great.

Sunday I forced my Mom, Dad, and Jordan to Provo to walk down University Avenue with me in hopes of finding a place to live. We had forgotten that the parade was the next morning, but quickly remembered when we saw the vast amounts of people lining every inch of the sidewalk up and down University Avenue. This is why I love Utah. Everyone gathers together to hang out, have a good time, and get the worst sleep of their life (if they are lucky). It was fun to walk through all the people saving spots for the next morning and occupying themselves by playing wii, watching movies, playing cards, and just having a blast! Part of me was envious that I had not done the same. So, it is on my bucket list. :) While walking and taking numbers of potential pads, we saw this.

[So great.]

On Monday, Steven, Judy, Steven Jr. and Sophie came over for our annual BBQ to celebrate this glorious holiday!

I'll have to post more pictures of this cute girl when I get them. She has definitely accepted her role as a lady with complete confidence. Anywhere I had the camera out, she was right there to strike a pose! Her parents are in for a road of deep pockets and extra storage space for all her dress up clothes. :) atta girl.

Well I ended up finding a few good options for places to call my humble abode! On Tuesday I had an appointment to see a condo at University Avenue Condos. Unique name right? I ended up getting up to Provo quite a bit earlier than expected, so I had some time to kill before my appointment. Meet "ginormo."

This is a Lunchable jacked up on steroids. Thanks to my new best friend 711, I had the opportunity to experience this delectable treat/meal. TWO kinds of meat and cheeses? Silky smooth chocolate for a little something on the side? I'd like to raise my fist in appreciation for Oscar Meyer for their capability to manufacture such greatness. Well, I landed the condo in style and even became friends with one of my future roommates. I believe it was all thanks to Ginormo.

Can't wait until the 24th! Where the real party starts.....

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