July 21, 2010

Hopping.... No, More Like Bounding.

Yes, it is true. Though this is all the rage, and you will think that I only join to warm my hands in the warm fire of company, but I really am loving what I just saw last night. The movie Inception is probably one of the best movies that has come out in a long while.
Well one that makes me use the ol' thinker.
Princess and the Frog is freaking awesome,
but I guess it doesn't necessarily fall
under this same category.
more like the
pure bliss with NO brain cells necessary
Anyways I highly recommend everyone to see this movie! Personally, I'd avoid seeing it too late in the evening because it is highly stimulating and jam packed with anxiety. Also, my dreams were really weird after I saw it. Probably could have done without that. So go, run to the movie theater! When you come out, maybe you can bound onto the bandwagon of Inception lovers with me :)
[Is it just me, or does the word "Inception" sound a bit.... uh.... interesting?]

1 comment:

  1. GAHHHH!!!! i saw it today! i LOVED it. and i believe my 6th grade crush for leo d. has reignited. though this love is a little more mature. and i love joseph gordon levitt. and i want to go watch it again. except this time, a little further back where my eyeballs can process what's happening:)