August 2, 2010

Almost as Embarrassing

Everyone has had one of those "I went to school naked/in my strawberry shortcake undies" dreams or rather nightmares. We all dread the day when one of these nightmares will come true. I was on a 20 year streak of awesomeness in this department until yesterday.... Let me set up the scene for you:
~Weather: Hot, extremely hot, almost sauna like
~Location: Basement, privacy, generally undisturbed
~Variables: Blow dryer and curling iron adding to the initial statement
~Mental State: Scattered, Feeling the stresses of being late
While getting ready for church I put on my dress, starting putting my make-up on and realized that if I wanted to continue to wear this dress I better either wave my arms up and down like a chicken, or change into something a bit less binding around that area. For future reference, the dress I had chosen to wear required a two step process to zip up. Step #1 I could zip it up halfway and then would finish it off with Step #2 by reaching above my head and pulling the zipper up the rest of the way. Simple enough. So to cool off and save my dress from further liquidation I decided to unzip my dress, fold it over at my waist and continue getting ready in my cami. I finished getting ready, and prepared myself for the intense heat. Slipping on some high heels I checked in the mirror one last time to make sure everything was in place. Running out the door, I barely made it to church before the meeting started. I sat by myself and saved a seat for Anisa to come later. Shortly thereafter, Anisa slides in next to me and immediatley leans over to wisper, "Crystal stopped me on the way in and told me to tell you that your dress isn't zipped up all the way." I looked at her, feeling the embarrasment rapidly appearing on my face and asked if she'd zip the rest up. Step #2: Fail. I hoped and prayed that no one noticed, but then realized a few things. I walked in late meaning that everyone was ready to go, eyes ahead and would have noticed someone walking in front of them. I always watch people file in late and try to find a seat, so I'm sure there are at least a few other people out there who share that same joy. Also, Crystal and I talk on occasion, but definitely not all the time. If she noticed and thought it was bad enough to urgently catch Anisa to tell me, then it was bad... Thank heavens she is such a nice great, wonderful, thoughtful person. The whole meeting I couldn't help but feel embarrased. It isn't even that big of a deal, but I couldn't help it. Who knows what people saw, or if anyone even noticed, but I can now say that I'm getting closer to the granny panties nightmare coming to reality. Please tell me that this is as close as I will ever get...

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