August 11, 2010

This Lady Is Good.... Psychic?

Last night Anisa and I went on a nice run (I'm going to estimate about 2 miles, because saying 1.589 miles doesn't sound as impressive) around Mapleton. I love running with her because we talk the whole time, which keeps me distracted and not thinking about each step I'm taking, thus making for a farther and more productive run! After that, we decided we would do some sprints like the old days. (knee did great! No limping!) After a few of those we were tired and decided to do some Abs of Steel and Winsor Pilates Buns and Thighs tapes. Those things are freaking hard! They try to counteract the intensity level by putting smiling flexatrons as your examples, soothing background music, and a calm voiced lady (rather a drill Sergeant) giving you instructions for the exercises. Nevertheless, Anisa and I followed every step and laughed at the ridiculous outfits they were wearing. As we switched from Abs of Steel to Buns and Thighs, we were not warned that the instructor would be telepathically with us through the tv. I will admit, a few times I would take the easy route, or only go halfway because my buns were burning! Immediately as I would drop my shoulder the instructor would say, now make sure you aren't letting your shoulder drop! Snapping my shoulder back in place I laughed with Anisa about how she had caught me. Then it continued. Make sure not to bend your knees, this makes it easier. Don't stop now, you only have 2 more left. Don't rotate your hips, keep them straight! Sheesh! What the heck lady?! How do you know that at this exact point I have stopped concentrating on using my powerhouse? It was a bit freaky. The best was when she would say, Now don't forget to breathe. This sounds retarded because we breathe all day everyday without having to be told to do so. However, whenever she would remind us, Anisa and I both let out a huge breath in relief. Why is it that we forget to breathe? The fact that these exercise ladies can get inside our brains to make us think that doing just 4 more leg lifts overpowers our natural instinct to breathe is.... a problem! :) I leave this with you to experiment and to be made aware the next time you pop in the good ol work out videos. See if you fall under their psychic powers....

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  1. oh geez i loved this post so much!! it's so true!!! Breathing is a struggle when it comes to intense workout sessions. haha. You guys freaking worked out hard too!! Very impressive. Thanks for making my day. I love when I look at your post and it's something new I haven't read! you are so great! love ya dear!!