August 6, 2010


Sadly, tis true. The world of facebook (fb- as I hate to call it) is revolutionizing our imaginations. I could decide that one day I would like to have strong feelings towards animal cruelty, and the next that I am newly engaged for the 4th time this year. We all say that facebook is great to "connect with old friends," or to "keep in touch..." Don't worry, I try to believe those reasons are why I still have a facebook too. In reality, "connecting with old friends" means digging for gossip about who's engaged, who's pregnant, if their kids look like aliens, etc. To "keeping in touch" means looking through other people's pictures until you suddenly come to the realization that you have been staring at your computer for 4 hours and are now looking at a friend of a friend of their boyfriend's friend's christmas vacation pictures. Besides being super creepy, I've found looking at random people's pictures to be a bad in social situations. Hanging out with some friends I recognized one person, but couldn't place where we had met before. He had NO IDEA who I was, but I was sure we had previously met. It was only until about 20 minutes later that I realized I recognized him from pictures he had on facebook with my friends. The lightbulb clicked which brought the follow up question from him. So how do we know each other? Did you figure it out? Denial. You know I still can't remember, weird. Umm... well... cya! Not the most normal conversation starter: Oh we know each other because I stalk you on facebook. Yeah that's a croud pleaser.
I will be the first to admit that the world is being controlled by facebook, especially when it is being used as evidence in our law firm; but I still have my facebook account. Facebook and I are in a love-hate relationship you could say. Oh great idea! Relationship status, updated.


  1. This makes me laugh A LOT!! :) I've been wearing my classic DOMINATION Tshirt today and every time I look down and read it, I think of you! :) Just thought you'd like to know!

  2. Hay, this is awesome, and completely true. You are so stinking funny. I love it!!

  3. Rachel 1 & Rachel 2, you both made my day!! haha Miss Wilson, I'm so glad you wear your DOMINATION shirt!! I wear it ALL the time! I saw Carrie wearing it the other day and I was the happiest person alive! haha Love you both!