January 24, 2011

I've Got Your Nose!

We have all done this one time or another to some little kid in hopes that they will find us at least somewhat amusing. Why we resort to the finger looking like your nose trick is a question for another day, but I'd like to direct your attention to a different matter at hand. We may have been on to something without even realizing it.

I was speaking with someone who happens to be on a diet at the moment. Said person was explaining how usually it isn't hard to stick to the diet except for the times when there are fantastic smells in the air. When you walk past an open window and smell that hot apple pie, a succulent roast, carrots and potatoes making some lively conversation in a crockpot, or even smelling perfectly spiced enchiladas right out of the oven, that sense of smell seems to be in charge. Instantly your stomach decides that there happens to be an empty spot in there that needs filling and you hypnotically dig in.

So.... what if we "get" every one's noses and solve America's obesity! Nobel prize? We may look like a bunch of unfinished doodles, but we most certainly would be lookin' good in those skinny jeans!

Alright maybe it's not that good of an idea, but it happens to fall under the "Random" label for my blog posts so it's justified. ...and it has successfully allowed me to procrastinate my homework for 15 minutes. DOMINATION

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