January 22, 2011

Need An Embarrassing Story to Tell?

I've got one for you.
It begins on a cold night, specifically last night. I had just gotten back from my soccer game (Secret Combinations = Domination!) and was getting ready for a date. A date? Hailey goes on dates? Believe it people. Putting myself out there...? ;) After a bit of awkwardness, the decision was made that I would come outside and hop in his car and we'd be off into the night. So i'm walking around in the parking lot, wishing I would have brought a coat. Internal conflict: My jacket is too good looking to cover up. I didn't see any car lights on, so I kept wandering around the parking lot. I tried calling him and it went straight to his voicemail. Then I saw a car with lights on and a guy sitting in the drivers seat messing with the radio. I slowly walk up to the car, but still tried to keep enough distance just in case it wasn't the right car. Playing it cool. He gives me "the nod" and I reach for the handle to open the door. He proceeds to move the gloves off the seat as I say, "Wow I'm really glad I found your car because it would be super awkward to get in some random person's car." Silence.
At that point, I finally look over and realize that he is not my date, but someone I've never seen before. bad word. He gives me an awkward smile and says, "Are you looking for Ben?" second bad word. He notioned backwards and so I looked HOPING that he'd be hiding in the back seat or something. I kept looking backwards for a little bit staring at the seat trying to somehow make him appear like they do in Harry Potter or something. Nothing. I had nothing to say, and luckily the guy kept talking. "I'm his roommate, but he's back there getting in his car." I awkwardly tried to make a joke about how I was glad to get to know him and hurried out of the car. At that point Ben drove up beside his roommate's car and I ran in. Shrinking in the seat he looked at me a little puzzled.
Well we finally got out of the parking lot, after Ben and his roommate chuckled a little in passing. I had to bite my tongue and stop the words Oh I forgot something, do you want to just drop me back off at my apartment and then I'll never come back out? thanks. from coming out.
The rest of the date went well; we went to one of my new favorite places Malawi's pizza in the Riverwoods and then went back to his apartment to play some farkle. Immediately as I walked in the door his whole apartment exploded in laughter. Guess my wish at 11:11 didn't come true. We re-experienced the whole awkward situation with his roommates and laughed for quite some time about it. It was pretty funny, and thankfully I could join in on making a few jokes about it. I was still mortified though.
It definitely broke the ice with his roommates, and I'm pretty sure that we'll have no problem getting along in the future. Luckily they were cool and nice about it.
I don't know what else to say besides.... at least it'll make a good story right? Ugh. I should have known that I would eventually be the one to take the gold medal for the #1 Most Embarrassing Moment. Figures :)

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  1. wow hailey....i can't even IMAGINE how dumb you must have felt. seriously. who does that? like how do you even go out in public? ps i'm glad we passed the test. :)