January 20, 2011


I'm sitting here thinking about what I could blog about....

Christmas, bowling (league, new ball and shoes), friends,
new years resolutions, classes (aka my 5 boyfriends - so time consuming. so needy. ), future plans (cruise?!), etc.

INSTEAD, I've chosen to blog about the unknown. Life is full of unknowns. For example, what am I going to eat for breakfast this morning? How on earth did anyone believe that gasoline, plastic, matches and a big hole was a good idea? (it was) Where do "original" ideas come from? Who decided that mirrors should be invented? Why are we selfish? Should I risk eating Beef flavored Top Ramen one more time? Is the man with a cardboard sign really homeless? How many times can you try to touch your nose with your tongue before your eyes are permanently cross eyed? Has anyone received a message in a bottle out of the ocean?

I present you with these random questions and also ask, is the unknown something that needs to be figured out? Or is the fact that the unknown, is unknown, enough? :)

On a less intense note, I've been listening to Jerry Seinfeld's stand up comedy and that man is funny! Anisa, you may have been on to something all this time and I never knew it....

"Why do they call this person the best man? Why not just a great guy? Here's how I see it, if I'm considered the best man, why is she marrying that guy?"

P.S. did you know there is a movie called Randomocity? Watch the trailer here: Looks.... interesting? Not really, but I'm a fan of the depressing and predictable chick flicks with cheesy endings. Bring on nothing new!


  1. This post was hilarious Hailey! "So time consuming. So needy." Kill me! And I seriously think of Anisa every time I watch Jerry Seinfeld.

    Love ya Hails!

  2. Nisa may have been right that he's funny, but she's not right that he is attractive. GROSS!!!

  3. Alright Kaylyn....I don't appreciate the hate! But thanks everyone! Jerry is HILARIOUS!