January 11, 2011


Alright, don't pre-judge.... Now that we've got a clean slate, I had the worst experience with this stuff today. Let me explain:
I've always found the idea of the tea bag's little string dangling on the outside of your chocolate brown mug, sipping that healthy stuff while reading a philosophical book to be so very artsy, starbucksy, and down right coooool. So... in all efforts to one day achieve my end goal of being... cooool, I've tried tea on 3 different ocassions. Each time with the same result. Yay.. I love drinking hot water that tastes like someone died in it.
Sorry for those that love tea, but I am just not one of you. After the first time, if it was that bad you would think I would stop trying. Well I like to give things the benefit of the doubt, and that I had just had the 1 millionth possibility of a defect in my cup, rather than what the real joy that tea entails. Second time I went for the Acai berry somethin' somethin'. This time I made sure to add cream (like I had been advised by a avid tea-er). I added cream, then some more, then some sugar, and it still tasted awful.
I had given up on the idea of being cooool (at least the artsy, starbucksy kind) until today. Our office usually has an array of teas, coffees and hot chocolates to enjoy. Today, I noticed a peppermint tea and remembered a time when someone said that Peppermint tea is what they drank every morning to start their day off right. Hey, why not? Peppermint did have a bit more flavor. By that I mean it tasted like I was drinking straight hot water with a double mint smell and after taste... yummo... One good thing, it amplified the mintyness in my gum! That's one way to make gum longer lasting!

3 strikes. You know what that means.

No more tea for Hailey. (I may not be cooooool, but I'm a poet and I didn't even know it!)

P.S. Sorry for not posting for ages... I have quite a lot to catch you up on. It'll all come, slowly but surely. :)


  1. Try adding honey :) It makes it delicious.

  2. aaaahhh good call! If I ever do drink tea again, I'll try that.