July 6, 2011

Conditioner on no Condition

Scenario:  Hotel staff provide certain "necessities" to occupants so that they may be able to wash themselves and not stinketh.  Recently I found a make up remover pad and bath and body works flavored soap. Going the extra mile huh? Jack pot! 

Question:  Why do hotels never provide conditioner, but almost always provide hair nets?

Think about it. They go through all this work to try and provide high quality soaps and shampoo...to impress who?  The woman kind.  Do you think most men care whether they have sweet pea or rain forest leaves smelling lotion?  Nope, they don't.  Those details are to impress the women.  So why on earth would they not provide conditioner with their succulent smelling shampoo??  I'll trade you the lotion for some conditioner.  I have only been to maybe 2 hotel rooms that have provided conditioner and it baffles me every time.  Plus who has ever used the hair net....?  Wikipedia says that sometimes gang members use hair nets as part of their uniform.  Hotels would rather you join a gang than have soft, tangle free hair.  Think of all the violence they have encouraged.  So much for world peace.

Am I ranting?  Probably.  Is this a problem that has caused upset to more than 4 million women and thus ruined thousands of vacations due to a grumpy, snarly haired mother?  You betcha.  Any one wanna go on strike and refuse to shower until we have conditioner stationed in every hotel room?  Good me either, I smell when I don't shower.  :)

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  1. That way they can tell who the paying customers are at the continental breakfast... equal shine and bounce.