July 18, 2011

Safe and Sound

He made it!!  Jordan made it to Albania after the painfully long 3 months in the MTC.  He had a fantastic time in the MTC and loved it, but towards the end he started to hint that he was ready to get on to Albania. 3 months...can you blame him?  His email today was probably my favorite so far.   Jordan may have turned into a classic missionary no complaints but he still has his personality and humor. :)  For example:

"Well we safely arrived in Albania.  After much tribulation.  We only had a half hour layover in Munich, but for the flight to Munich we were on a German Airline, so everything was in German.  I have to admit, my High School German didn't do anything to help me out talking to these people.  And this German girl was sleeping the entire flight from DC to Munich, and kept resting her head on my shoulder, I have to admit, coming out of the MTC it was really awkward, and it was a LONG flight." 

Jordan is a "touch-a-phobe" as we used to call him when he would squirm out of a hug or be annoyed if your elbow was touching his arm on accident.  This helps to paint this situation crystal clear in my mind, I can see the panic in his face now :)

More Excerpts from his email:

"Albania looks like......every war movie I've ever watch of this part of the world.  I feel like I'm living in Black Hawk Down, Green Zone, etc. or Call of Duty.   ...All the stores have their own security guards, and they just haul around AK-47's and stuff, really cool :)"

"Everyone says my name wrong, then asks if I'm from France :)"

"I love this work and this gospel, I know that this is where I need to be in my life, and I'm so happy that I was called to Albania.  ...I love these people, they're the nicest people I've ever met in my life, and probably the most humble.  I know that the church will prosper here, and I know that we're not going to see the fruits of our labors, but we've heard many prophecies by apostles and people that the work will thrive here.  ... I hope that my labor here in Albania will help the church at some future date get a foothold and a strong point in Albania. I know that this gospel is true, and that this message is the way we can have happiness in this life."

I love that boy man. :) It makes me so proud and happy to read his emails and to see his great progress.  I can't wait to hear more about his great adventure! Stay tuned!!

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