July 11, 2011

Unclear Stick Figures

These people gave me a little trouble over the weekend. 

Side Note: I think having this blog has jinxed me. 
Now more often than not extremely embarrassing
things are happening to me whereas before it was
just on occasion. 

So once upon a time Real Salt Lake played a soccer game against FC Dallas, and these cool people attended.
Todd, Me, Anisa and Spencer
Forgive the poor picture quality.  The tickets came with free food throughout the game and we definitely took advantage of that.  Picking up Todd's 4th cheeseburger during half time (they were really small burgers) I suddenly felt the bathroom urge so we raced for the loo.  One side showed the man stick figure so I turned and headed opposite for the Women's.   Walking in I saw the closed stalls then shifted my glance to the left.  I stopped dead in my tracks.  Either a greater part of women are balding these days or there was a row of men up against that left wall.... which meant.... oh shoot, I'm in the men's bathroom!! I instantly turned and ran out of there, dodged a guy coming in to the bathroom, received a puzzled look from Todd and ran to the next set of doors, both with women stick figures on them. Don't worry, I checked this time.  I was greeted by women tousling their hair, putting on make up, lots of chatter and the closed stall I was hoping to hide behind forever.  Behind closed doors I could feel my face on fire with embarrassment.  I couldn't hold it in anymore and the laughter eeked out.  I don't think any of the men really saw me, but it didn't matter.  I guess I should have known what happens when you assume you're going to the right bathroom.  Bathrooms are never a place for assumptions. Then over the loud speaker you could hear, "GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!"  Instant panic set in (for the second time in the past 30 seconds) and I hurried to finish my business and race out of there.  Todd was waiting anxiously and said, "We missed a goal!!!"  Shoot.  Goals in soccer games are a dime a dozen few and far between (definition: rare, scarce) and we missed it because I couldn't control my bladder.  We rushed back to our seats, I sat down and proceeded to explain what happened in my bathroom fiasco.  Once I was done, dying from laughter, Anisa leaned over to tell me a secret.  "Your zipper is undone."  Strike 3. Bathroom scenarios were not my friend that day and I'm considering getting rid of them all together. Catheterization?  Kaylyn, wanna help me out with this?  I'll never miss a thing ever again.

Other than that the game was great ending in a 2-0 win for RSL!  We did get to see the second goal so that helped make up a little for the first.  Who knows why they have two men bathrooms right next to each other when history has proved that my assumption of a man and a women bathroom next to each other is reasonable and legit.  All I know is that I will never forget to fully evaluate my options when choosing a bathroom next time.  That's a mistake I hope to only make once in my life. :)

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  1. ha! you're so funny!!! you know, these things happen to you because a certain man upstairs knows you can handle them:)
    nice work on the bf btw!