July 12, 2011

Still Learning

My bad.  I am sure all of you noticed my error in the last post and I would like to publicly express my apologies.  If you recollect, the previous post stated something along the lines of:  "Goals in soccer are a dime a dozen."  I always figured the phrase "dime a dozen" meant that it didn't happen very often.  On our way home from work Karlie asked me what the phrase meant and I tried to explain that I figured it meant something was rare.  Trying to come up with the origin for the phrase proved to be quite puzzling.  I tried, "Well maybe it's because you rarely find anything that's a dozen for the price of a dime?"  .....Believe me, that was the best of my guesses.  So I decided to google it. 

Knowyourphrase.com put it this way:

Ooooooohhhhh.... It's the exact opposite of what I thought it was. Oops. Karlie and I chuckled and I thought, maybe no one will notice?  I didn't know what it meant so maybe I'm not the only one right?  Wrong.  I got home to Kaylyn and Anisa and we started catching up on the events of our days.  Anisa mentioned that they had just finished reading my blog.  I told her that I had apparently misunderstood the meaning of a phrase and before I could finish Anisa and Kaylyn let out a big sigh of relief.  They proceeded to tell me that they had previously discussed any and all possible ways to break the news to me that I was embarrassing my future posterity.  Alright alright so it was a bigger mistake than I thought.  Don't worry, I corrected the post and hopefully in my next post I can tie in some really big long word to boost my sophistication points.  Boisterous? Camaraderie? Ostentatious?  Stay tuned. I may or may not have googled "List of sophisticated words."  nbd. :)

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